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Trust, you say. Who put the words in your head?

I know this guy in the year under me and he is allways braging about how clever he is, after all he is a man -.- and I was stuck in math, so today I asked him for help, as a last way out. I gave him the book, he reads the puzzle twice, looks at me as if it is brain surgery, read it again. Mumbles I need a smoke, leaves me alone for five minutes, then he came back. During the time he was gone I had solved the puzzle and he got upset because I did it faster and better than him... Way to go there Adam. Btw this dude is taking a higer math level than I.... hrrm.

The curse of going back to school

It is like a curse, like every year since I can remember I've been ill two weeks in of school. Guess what? I have a fucking cold and I feel like total shit -.- Thank you school.


Do you ever get these urges that you can't get rid of? Like urge to crawl up into a ball and cry, or to hurt yourself, or to workout 'til you are ready to throw up? All the sudden I got the urge to cry like a baby and to hurt myself, and it is stupid because I'm not gonna do any of it, I don't want to do any of it. But I can't get rid of those feelings. I'm okay when I'm not alone and now I'm alone -.- fuck!

My Chemical Romance.

That was fucking amazing! I love you guys! The Reading fesitival was just fucking awesome <3 Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray never stop beeing this amazing! <3

fuck you sweden.

I don't like this. I couldnt see last nights preformance just because I'm from fucking sweden -.- and on BBC:s site I'm not allowed to watch because i'm in the wrong area. So fuck you! But I'm gonna watch it on youtube now.

This is so fucked :s please read and give me your opinion on this!

Apparently there is a childrens book for kids 4-8 years old. I don't know how new it is in US and in UK but this is the first time I heard about it and I'm mad. The book is called 'Maggie goes on a diet'. It is a book about an overweight 14 year old girl who are bullied by her school mates. Then she goes on a diet and becomes 'normaly weight' and she becomes the schools football star. And because of hard work and dicipline she gains better confidence...

The authour of this book claims that this is a inspiring story about a girl who overcomes her problems, and a story that are helping our

Physiology test.

You know that you have done your very best and that you are exhausted when you can't lift your arm up in the air to get a milk packet. My body will hurt like hell tomorrow! :')


So I have my killjoy outfit done now (dont know when to use it...) What do you think about it? :)
With and without jacket ^^ (i know the second picture is fucked up but I'm compleatly bored here!!!!!)

One of the saddest and yet beautiful things this man ever said <3

"My life was awful. When I was a kid, I was fat, pretty ugly and had awful hair. I used to get teased every fucking day. Slammed up against lockers, punched in the face - you name it. Hell, I had to go to prom with one of my female friends because I couldnt even get a proper date. I cant even look back at those photos because I look so bad. I transfered schools, but the teasing just got worse. After a, lets say, “incident” I had with the school play, the bullying just got worse. But I made it through high school, only to find out that real life was pretty much the same.


I have one lesson today and it starts at half past 12, so I'm watching Up, it makes me giggle so much. It is cute. And sad! I really should do something about my life. But nah, I can do that tomorrow instead xP