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Stolen! Read and then sign your name, country and age, show your support killjoys!!

From I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love, till danger days: the true lives of the Fabulous killjoys, this band, this band of four men, this band of four, amazingly talented, crazy, smart, funny, deticated, strong, men are the reason alot of us are alive, the reason most of us still walk on this planet. They sang their was to our hearts with skylines and turnstiles, and still bring tears to our eyes with Summertime. They continue to do endless tours, just to make their millions of fans happy, just to give us the best night of our lives!

English project

Yes I need your help, I'm going to make an english project about something, it is supposed to be around 8 pages written as an essay and then I have to make an oral presentation infront of the class (fun fun -.-). The thing is that I have to be investigate something(why, how, what is apperently key words), have at least two literary sorces and I want to do something about My Chemical Romance (just because I can). But I need ideas on what to do. My teacher has to agree on the subject.... -.-

You all remember the daily mail shit that happened some years back, and the thing with Glenn Beck a

Wish me luck!

Math test later today eeeiiikkk *scream in fear and agnst*


I just poured newmade tea all over my chest fml.

How hard can it be to say I love you?

This summer I met this boy. We actually just met for one evening, and I have never believed in love at the first sight before. Now I think those things happen... Because as time went by we started talking (over the internet since we live in different towns) and now for some time I have realized that I'm falling for him. And I think he is falling for me to.. But I am afraid to just tell him that I love him... Should I could I? Oh well one day I might get the currage to say something...


is what I am supposed to do.... I have a test the day after tomorrow. Yay.


It is freezing outside, it is like 4 degrees of celisuis where I am in Sweden right now... it is effin cold!! What ever happened to summer and warm weather? :( At least I got lots of warm tea ^^

Whyyyyyyy (yes I'm a bit over dramatic...)

So my coach decided it could be fun to do some new excercises at workout the other day. With fun i mean hard as hell. Me and my friends were like okay our legs hurt a little let's stretch after workout!! We never stretch because we are to lazy. Yesterday we were in pain. So we stretched after yesterdays workout too. Today I barely can walk because of the pain in my front thigh. Sooooo painful -.- And this isnt supposed to happen when you stretch... *sad face*

Just some ramble about fencing

For 10 years fencing has been a part of my life, it has cost me friends, relations, money... But in return I gave gaind so much, I have made friends for life, a confidence to kill for, and I have developed a deep love for the sport. Most of my friends can't understand how I can stand to work out/fence 10, 11 times a week.

oohh look what an exciting evening I have to look forward too........

I'm watching this: for a religion essay on christain bigotry. xD