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Don't forget this!!
I need to sleep now! But comeon Killjoys, we are not so far behind!! We can do it! Vote until your fingers bleed!!

Fuck Yeah!!!

I want MCR to do my laundry!!

Way brothers

What would the world be without you two? Thank you for everything <3

Bye Ukraine

Hello my beloved Sweden <3 How I missed you!! <3

compact living

Ever shared a house with five other girls? Ever shared a house with five girls and three fencing bags? Ever shared a house that is 25 squaremetres with five other girls and three fecning bags? You havent? Take my word, you dont want to try this... at the moment we can't even have our bags inside of the house.... fun. -.-

Happy Ieroween <3

Happy birthday Frankie <3 Have an amazing day!! :D <3


Hey, I'm going away to workout camp on monday and I would like to know what movies you think I should download and see during the week!! (I'm gonna go crazy if I don't have tons of moives...)
So if you have a sugestion of what I really have to see please comment or message me! ^^

They should do this again...

You can not deny that Gerard and Bert is doing a great job with this song (the original is amazing too, but in another way)! And it is kinda sad that they are probably not gonna do something like this ever again! Their voices are just so fantastic together! :)

My sister's keeper

I read the book some years ago and I just saw the movie. I cried like an idiot while reading it, and I'm crying like an idiot now. So fucking sad and beautiful!! If you haven't read it, read it ffs!! Jodi Picoult is an amazing writer and the book is just fantastic!


I am cleaning my apartment (just to avoid the fact that I need to do drivers licence theory...) and guess what I just found?! Starts with S and ends with kittles :D
Uhm yes that was all I wanted to say... xD