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Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 months tomorrow, yes I'm thrilled over this and he is making me so happy, but there is something eating me...
I knew he smoked weed when we got together, that with his regulair smoking, overdrinking and that his friend told me he had a girlfriend, (fucking lie!) stopped me from falling for him. But then I did fall in love with him... He quit smoking and cut back on the drinking, because I asked him to. And I love him for that.

But I hate the fact that he is still doing drugs (some of you out there might think it is a small problem, but not me.

Awwww <3

Congrats to Frank and Jamia! <3 I am so happy for you and your family! ^^


My mother walked in looked at me and told me I look yellow anymore. Just transparent. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

Long time no see!

Wow it's been a while since I was on here... I used to be here all the time last year but... I really don't know what happened. But now I'm back ^^
Much have happened since I was here the last time posting anything (I don't know if anyone really cares...?) but I'm now happily in love with an amazing guy. And I almost fucked that relation today because I got mad over nothing and everything at the same time. :/ We are not mad at each other anymore but he is in Kalmar (another city) for the night and I just want him to be here... at least I have the stolen hoodie to wear....

Just some rambling


My head hurts so bad... I have a stupid headace virus and I am too tired to do anything... Anyone want to talk? :)


So yesterday I realize that my apartment building hasn't got any hot water. Now they are trying to fix the problem, and hopefully they will have it done before the weekend, because at this point I don't even have water. This sucks. -.-

I'm a mess.

Didn't get much sleep last night... had a moment of weakness, stupidity, angst call it what you want. Yes I ended up hurting myself. And I told the only one that was online at msn about it, a guy that is head over heels in love with me... and he came over to my place to what he called it calm me down (it wasnt needed, i was fucking calm...). We walked outside for a while then we went to hos place to sleep becuase I didn't want to be alone. I spend last night basically crying in his arms.... When did I become such a mess? Why am I a fucking mess?

when will i learn?

That this is not how I should solve my problems...


I have to write a travelraport about a trip the fecing high school did in the end of May. And I have to make it super serious because we need to send it to the Swedish fencingassociation >.< Apparently I'm the only one our coach trust to write this shit -.-


I learnt something today. I like coffee.