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There is a first for everything...

Okay... I left Sweden for the weekend, was over first in Copenhagen(Denmark) and then in Oslo(Norway) for a competition, i did really good, and ended up at 15 ^^
But you don't care ^^ on my way home i ended up at Copenhagen airport for over 2 hours and i had starbucks for the very first time (a) seriosly!! THE FIRST TIME!! We have one in Sweden and not in my town but... i realize that i shouldn't have had it. *moans over the price and over the amazing taste*
Well i did an amazing pic in paint (and i wasn't alowed to upload... grr) i have decided i'm goign to start starblucks in sweden and

Stupid people!!

Today the swedish people have been voting for the parliament for the next four years, and the sixth biggest party are a xenophobia party. I can't fucking belive that!! What the heck is wrong with people?! I'm watching the election night watch party although I'm way to tired... But I have to watch when some of the swedish people are on their way to ruin not only my future but for immigrants and the
the future of the kids (I sound so old... I'm 18...) i voted and i hope that is enough!!
ARHGH!! I feel physically sick!! It makes me so mad!!

Anyhow I'm totaly stoked about the new album!! OH MY

Life is good...

first blogg and I'm bitch about stuff... yeah you have to live with that ^^

School started four weeks ago and the fencing workouts too... and every single day Satellite (that stupid song that stupid german kid sang...) is on the radio. And it is spining around in my mind and I can't get it out of there!! ARGH!! I'm going crazy!!

Well enough on the complaining... I have to get ready for school *looks out through the window watching the rain pouring down as Satellite is going through my mind*
Life is good....