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I'm lying in front of the fireplace, listening at aesthetic perfection, trying to write a paper about facism. I just end up at facebook all the time... as allways, why?

But my cat comes in to me all the time and want to play, he is so cute, right now he is sleeping with his head at my right arm ^^ aww I miss him so much when I'm not at my parents place :(

Not fair!!

I have a cold... I hate my life, it is not fair that I have a cold on the break from school :(

But I have spend two days in Stockholm with my parents, I had a great time and now I have an amazing promdress!! It is early I know but my other options are trying to find something in my little town and have the same as everyone else or let my mother make one. But she don't have the time...

Well anyhow i'm bored!! Entertain me please? *big puppy eyes*

Happy Iroween

Hope you have a great day ^^

Yeah... and that's why we are so freaking tired 24/7!!

I'm on msn with a friend, we are talking about how nice it would be to go to bed.. it is eleven in the evening here... We have really nothing stoping us from going to bed, no good tv show, no homeworks, just some stuff that should be thrown down a bag(both are going home for the next week). He needs to get up early, i need to get up early. And we talk about how nice it would be to go to sleep.
We are smart. Really smart. If we had been any smarter our brains had expolded..

Well now he is going to bed... and so am I. byebye darlings ^^

Smirk smirk

I finaly got a haircut today <3 happiness!! Now i can survive to look at my self in the mirror without complaing about my hair ^^

I want all of you reading this to look at the link i'm putting here, it is one of my friends. He is 21 and an amazing singer, guitarr player and fencer. And for some reason he isn't doing this for a living :o instead he is at a university studing >.<

I believe that this is one of his best songs... Philip Karlsson is his name!! :)

I don't want to be a part anymore

Some days I just want to go back to bed and never wake up. Hello angst, please leave me alone.

So freaking tired

I'm tired. Physicly and mentally..
school, workouts, friends and my life in general are just to much right now. And my body is telling me that, my left knee doesn't work, my back crashed and my head is painfull. I'm not depressed, I'm just so freaking tired. Of everything.
I don't sleep enough, i don't eat enough I'm aware of that fact, I'm at school from nine to six and have classes and workouts between. Then I come home to my empty apartment and i have to make dinner and then my homeworks.

My friends (from school) tells me I'm boring every time I can't party with them (like every weekend,


Well... i was bored in history and religion class today.. so i decided to draw this..
I did it without a picture too look at.. I don't know what you think but i like it..

Why on earth did i end up here... it is allways here, or facebook... I was going to bed with my religion textbook... uhm yes.. Bed here i come!!

Victory dance

I'm dancing a victory dance in my apartment right now, I have the most awsome day ever!! :D
I got a new awsome jacket from my mum and some other clothes so i will not die in the ice cold swedish autum, yeah you may laugh but we are freezing our asses off in school... Old school + no money + cold weather= dead students... and I like life to much to die right now ;)

And I just got to know that i'm going to Bratislava to fence in my very first world cup(out of sweden) as a junior fencer!! :D I'm really happy because I have had so much problem with my knees so I haven't been able to fence as I

Stuff I claime comes from hell

So lately I have claimed that alot of stuff comes from hell:

Bitches from Hell, the girls in my class that hates me
Teacher from Hell, the religion and swedish teacher that hates me
Books from Hell, the boring stuff I HAVE TO READ to get a good grade
Song from Hell, sattelite
Cookies from Hell, makes me fat

But mabye it is just I'm coming from hell? Who knows? ^^