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I just miss you...

I miss my boyfriend so much, it has been almost a month since we saw each other the last time >.< Oh that's nothing you think now... but we used to live 4 minutes away from each other... and now he is 300 kilometers away. It feels like he is on the other side of the world. And we have never been apart for this long before since we got together.
+ his stupid computer broke down so the only way we can keep in touch is through the phone.

Prom <3

We had our prom last night! And it was really fun! ^^ Me and my boyfriend Adam went togheter and here are some pictures of us ^^

I wish this wasn't true... for me or for anyone...

Your perfect little girl dropped a grade on her report card again.
Your perfect little girl yelled at you last night.
Your perfect little girl talked backed to you again.
Your perfect little girl lied to you all her life.
Your perfect little girl cries herself to sleep.
Your perfect little girl cuts herself.
Your perfect little girl is depressed.
Your perfect little girl has given up on life.
Your perfect little girl wants to run away.
Your perfect little girl thinks she’s fat.
Your perfect little gril hates the world.
Your perfect little girl has become a disgrace.
Your perfect little girl…

But whyyyy?!

I woke up at a quater to 7. Turned off my alarm. And went back to sleep. I woke up excactly 30 minutes before my mathtest started. Are you fucking kidding me?! I haven't oversleept in years! And of corse i have to do it before a really important test >.< But I managed to eat, get clothes on, hell I even remembered to take my medicines, AND get in time. I look like a mess. Haven't done anything to my hair, haven't any make up.... but hopefully I don't have to do any more math. ever!

Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems!!

4 hours mathtest tomorrow. How fun -.-''

What are people doing?

I'm drinking way too much coffee and writing a really bad book report on David Copperfield. Thank god for sparknotes <3

Am I not like the best girlfriend ever? xD

So, in Sweden, there are only the IB classes that have to do exams in all of their subjects, no one else. And of course my darling boyfriend is in IB. His exams started today, and he is freaking out. And I have bought him alot of chocolate to calm him down!! ^^ I feel like a great girlfriend now xD


I have been in and out of emergencyrooms today. Seen all kinds of doctors and nurses.
Injured my hand and wrist sunday during a fencing competition and it has become even worse... hurts like fucking hell >.<
The people who did the X-ray says the skeleton is fine. So I'm going back to the first doctor tomorrow to see if she can figure out what is wrong with it.


So.. the driving test was the worst thing I ever done in my entire life!! I was so damn nervous and I am still shaking but I passed!! I finally have my driving license!! :D It feels so good now(even if I really haven't understood it yet.. xD) :D


I have my driving test in a little while... and i'm fucking nervous... wish me luck? ^^