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Just another hotel room...

Two weeks ago it was Kungsbacka, last week it was Stockholm, this week it is Kungsbacka again. Competition, competition and now workout camp(yeah like 9 workouts this week wasn't enough?) (y) And Next week a quick stop at my parents palce and then Gothenburg(which is almost Kungsbacka...) for just another competition.
Fencing is wearing me out, but then again I'm third best junior(17-20 years old) in Sweden, so who am I to complain?


I feel like I'm starting to regret some of the choices I made today, to get up at half past 6 in the morning to start clean all my dirty clothes. Then I poured like five- six cups of tea down my throat to get to school and trough the day. In the middle of the day I had some more tea = me goes hyper in psychology class... After that I walked home, still hyper I decided to clean the whole apartment from roof to floor... It took me two and half an hour, then I crashed. Now I just regret my choices... ohh such a bad head ace

just some swedish

HELVETES JÄVLA FUCKING SKIT. Men varför bryr jag mig? Jag gjorde mitt bästa, hade kul och gjorde allt rätt, jag är inte mer än en människa men visst fan bryr jag mig när jag åker ut tidigt i tävligen, och blir "bara" tia.

Yeah, I'm mad, no more disapointed, because I was fencing in a competition and didn't succed as good as I hoped... but I did my very best, had fun and did everything right, so why so mad, just because I ended up "just" at the 10 place...

Yeah this could be fun..

So... I still have the freaking cold... I guess I could stop working out and be healty in like 2 days, but where is the fun in that? Since I haven't got a fever and with the fact that I will go mad in my apartment if I skip the workouts I see no point...

But tomorrow I have to make a 2 minute speach infront of the class... and I kinda sound like a frog. And if I don't do it? He he this teacher is a bitch, if you don't make it the day she tells you to do it, don't bother to do the assigment. Yay.

Another fun thing is that I had my last religion A lesson (a class I have to take to be able to

An advice from a not so wise woman

Kids never ever run a beeptest when you have a cold that bad that you can't breath through your nose. The result WILL be blood, sweat, tears and coughing. And a bad result on the test. Just so you know.

Well that's funny.

So I was going to check out the new timetable for next semester a couple of days ago. And what I found was my timetable had one lesson(history) and then the workouts(picture one). I sent the guy who are in charge of that a mail and asked if everything was alright. No, it wasn't but it is going to be fixed tomorrow (31 of december).
So I thought I'm going to check my new timetabled out, still one lesson and the workouts. Then I thought hey why don't I check in(seriously I'm checking in lots ans lots of stuff right now...) the timetable that are for the whole class? (picture two)

The question

Snow and Christmas

So my grandparents have a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, and today me and my family had to clean off the roof from 130 cm of snow. Oh happy, happy day...
I'm so tired now, and at the same time very excited because tomorrow I'll have my gifts, sweden gives all of the gifts on the 24th and I can meet some relatives that I like (and some that I hate....).

Well I just wanted to wish you all beutiful Killjoys and members of the MCRmy a really merry christmas <3


Germany here I come :)

Soon ^^

Two days left untill christmas break :D
Well... kinda, first two tests, one workout and cleaning of a really disgusting room. Then break, and after that down to Germany and fence, back to Sweden, change bags and then home to my parents and then sleep for two weeks <3 so little but still so much...

Smile like you mean it...

My left knee is fucked up again, and one of the most important competitions are comming up this weekend, the swedish championships. It hurts so bad right now >.< I hate this. But I don't dare to tell anyone, myu mother could forbid me from fencing and my coach is going to yell at me and then he is going to be all but why? And I have to admit that ten workouts a week are a little bit to much for the knee... And he will yell at me some more... and my best friend are just going to be what did I say...
So I smile like I mean it instead.