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I'm a very happy girl, 55 days(school days, it looks better that way) from today I'm going to graduate from high school :D :D HAPPYFAAACEEEE!!! :D

I just have about 100 things to do before that... but 55!! :D

the little things in life

Happyness is to wake up in the morning, not to early, not to late, you log on to facebook an there is a messenger for you class telling you that the social science of municipal affairs is cancelled for today = no classes = happyness <3 :D

Fucking prefect

So I had the flu last week, and since I felt all good sunday and yesterday I thought I was good to go. And I worked out. Bad move! Now I'm caughing(I have no idea if thats the right way to spell it and I'm way to tired to look it up) my lungs out, I have a fever again and i feel so sick. *SAD FACE*

Happy happy

Happy everyone except for me is going to have sex day!!

I changed the name a little, I think it fits...


Cleaning of apartment.
Job searcing.
Cooking lunch.
Nothing on the TV.

Could this day get any better? I don't think so!! *sarcasm*


HAHAHAHHAHAHA yeah, I'm tired and still have the flu people are wierd. :D:D

and here we go again

I got the flu!! *sad face* can someone out there say something nice so it feels a little bit better? Pretty please! *looks cute, sad and almost like a ghost...*

Prison break + My Chem=

I have been thinking. I believe that danger days is about prison break. Seriously:

You can run away with me anytime you want: Michael can break them out
don't like the company: who likes the company, bad guys!
Are you gonna be the ones who save us, From the black and hopeless feeling: A pretty hopeless feeling when everything goes to hell

Well there are more examples, but I have to go...

(Yes I have a crazy imagination.) :D

Oh fuck it

So now this day CAN NOT get any worse. I accidently poured newly made tea all over my chest, and bed. That is just stupid! Well I'm not leavin this bed until tomorrow...

u go girlfriend

I just poured really hot tea over my hand. Really smart!