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Sometimes it just get worse.

I had a shitty day, but the bleep test went really well at least something :D
But then I got home and now I'm reading scientific articles of the development of psychiatry from the ancient world of grece to the begining of the 20th century. Did I mention that my psychology teacher is a BITCH? I missed that lesson (I had the fuckign flu!!) and she says well thats your problem...

Today sucks.

At first I had a driving lesson, with a teacher I never had before... I was nervous as hell but it went quite well after all, even if I hate driving.
Then I went to the school library and found a mail from one of my teachers on what notes we should study on to the test. And since I had the flu for 2 weeks I hadn't got any of them = Me goes to panic. Send her a mail and asked her what to do. She barely wanted to help me, BITCH!
Then a boring lesson.
Then I started to feel sic, like I was going to throw up from my period pain...
And now I have a migraine and there are people playing loud music

Drunk Is What We Aim For!

Today it is a little thing called student cap take on day <3 well it is mainly the biggest excuse ever to get drunk! AND WE WILL BE :D:D
Let put it this way, I'm about to open the fist bottle of cider now and it is 10 past 2 in the afternoon. eheheheh :'D
Se you all in the fog <3

And the punchline to the joke is...

Yesterday I had this huge asthma attack, I (stuuuuuuuuuuupid thing) with major birch pollen allergy = I almost got rushed to the emergency room after the last match. And I just had to fence since the girl, who used to be my friend got a red card wich gave me a point in the begining, and then she said, not as loud so the refugee could hear but so I could: "U're welcome, you'll need it!!" then a smirk.

After beeing beaten (since I couldn't breathe) my mother stripped me down to the bra and fencingpants (sexy...) as I couldn't breathe and my father pushed medc into my mouth.

Stuff I learnt today.

Today I learnt two things:

1.My headmaster has an iPhone, wich he can not use to text with. He just doesn't understand how to use it. It was hillarious when he was trying to write something and he lost his temper and yelled: why does the damn thing write HIV all the time?!?!

2. When you workout at the gym for 45 minutes, then have an intensive fencing lesson of 30 minutes and an hour of intense fencing in a place without an air conditionair (no fresh air at all and where the sun has been shining on since 6 in the morning) don't go out and run for half an hour in the sun. It is a bad idea.

Doesn't it sound like fun?? :'D

I'm preparing for tomorrows big test: 300 minutes of essay, that's five fucking hours!!! >.<
We will get some different subjekts to write about and just write until you drop dead I guess? National test is it called, everyone in sweden taking that course will be stuck with it for five hours. But the good news is that the day ends after that, no other classes...
Anyone that wants to change life with me? Anyone?? *puppy eyes*

Happy Birthday <3

Happy birthday Gerard!! <3


I just realized... My Chemical Romance is one of the best things that ever happened to me <3

writers block

Uhhh this sucks, I have to write a spech on five minutes in Swedish and it has to be on the team signs and singlas. I get nothin into my brain, and the part that sucks the most is the fact that I have to conect the speach to either pictures or a text that my teacher gave me >.< Ahhrggrgrgr,jf :(

happy face

In sweden when we graduate from high school we get to have these expensive, white ugly hats, and everyone is like in love with theirs... I'm in love with mine which is like wired since it is quite ugly xD
In the frontn the red shows that i chose to did the social-sience education, and the back says my name and the name of the school :)