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First day at my summer job...

... and i'm so freaking tired!! :o It was pretty fun (and I get really good paid for basically babysitting old people) but tomorrow I start working at 7 in the morning :'o And that means that even if it is only 21.28 I have to sleep soon. Crazy!! xD So... godnight killjoys <3

what do you think? ^^

Well I was bored the other day.. so I decided to make a Killjoy mask :'D I think it is kinda cool ^^ What do you think? :)
Now the only thing missing in my killjoyoutfit is a raygun... Gotta figure out how to make one!! :D

Happy MCR day!!!

Although I have a hard time beeing that excited and happy about today because of the massacre and bombexplosion that happened in Norway yesterday... there is 91 people dead because of one or two men :(

But I'm still going to listen to all of the albums today!!
I love the way this band has develop, from Bullets to Danger Days... Just look at these pictures! It has been an amazing journey this far and I'm so happy that My Chemical Romance finaly has some color!!
Thank you Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray (and the old members Matt and Bob) for beeing so amazing, for beeing there in hard times and

Sing it for Norway!!

A horrible thing happened today, at least 17 people are dead! My thoughts are with all that has lost a member of their family, for everyone who is hurt or dead and for every Norwegian killjoy! Love from Sweden <3

never check facebook before bed...

Just learnt from there that two of my friends just got engaged. I have nothing against that they are lesbians it is just that i hate the two of them as a couple: first they are 18 and 20(normal age for relation, but engaged?), and the oldest one is like 12. Mentaly at least... she can't even ask me (friend of 3 years) after a pain killer, she have to make her girlfriend ask me. All she says is a whisper unless it is for her girlfriend.

Happy Birthday <3

To an amazing man named Ray Toro <3

took me all day...

But i'm pretty happy about it, it think i managed to get a fragment of every mcr song they made.. xD fucked up the 'chemical' a little... -.- but what do you think?? :)

help :)

Making a fan art and I'm gonna write one of these things, but i cant decide on what:
My Chemical Romance, Stay beautiful, keep it ugly
My chemical romance, Killjoys make some noice
or something mcr related that you can come up with..

what do you think??

What was i thinking?

Making fanart xD i'm writing fragmets of mcr lyrics on around the logo, i think it could be cool, what do you think? Gonna post the reasult later :)


Me and my bestfriend looked at "How to train your dragon" and when the huge dragon was killed we looked at each other and said with one mouth: Crash and burn young and loaded, Drop like a bulletshell, Put this pin, let this world explode...
I know that's not how the lyrics really are but... I think we have been listening to Danger Days one to many times... (if that is possible<3)