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So this is how a broken heart feels like?

How to kill your brain.

Been studying pretty much from half past 9 until 5 (well small breaks for tea, food and crying for a bit). My brain is toast now! Been serching for articles about the bhopal gas leak, writing my part for a group presentation. And I have been serching for articles on cottonproductions impact on the environment, plus writing my idea sketch for my paper about the cottong thingy.

Now I should either read some of the chapters for this week. Or look at my notes from last weeks lessons.. Or die. Die sounds like fun. Oh and this is just week 3 on uni. Just five more years to go...

First day of my new life.

So first day of uni today, we just had introduction and got lost and was nervous as hell xD didnt know a soul and I almost got a friend :') gonna play games with my classmates later today. I just hope this fever goes away...

Mixed feelings

Hey, I need to sort my thoughts and feelings out...
My grandpa is 79 years old this year. He has lived a great life until maybe he was 72, he has travelled the world, have had a job he loves, never really had problem with money, an amazing family, never been seriously ill... not until some years back.He was dianosed with parkinson's disease when he was 72. An illness that breaks down the body (I can't really explain it better). Being a grand tall man who used to bike 40 kilometers a day before, he is now smaller, thin.

Observations I made yesterday

1. Alice Cooper is 63 years old and he still owns the place when he plays live.
2. Alice Cooper has a nice ass. (I know he is old, but he still has a nice ass. Yes you may call me wierd.)
3. Don't drive your car for 3.5 hours when you haven't slept for almost 24 hours, it's really not nice.
4. Standing in a crowd for many hours before and during the concert when you have bad knees will be painful.
5. I fucking love Alice Cooper more than I thought I did. :D


Gonna met my boyfriend for the first time since 9th of June tomorrow! :D Yaay happy happy girl!! ^^



This wait is killing me

Waiting to know if I got in to university (and the program I want to take)... I will know at one tomorrow Swedish time... only 17 hours to go... cross your fingers that I'm a lucky girl?

work work work

Finally I have two days off work (I have been taking extra passes because I need the money so bad >.<) Been working for over 40 hours the past five days! I'm so fucking tired now :o

Compleatly bored -.-

Anyone want to talk to me? Message me or something, or my head will explode!!