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WayToroIeroWay's blog

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okay im new to this so here it goes

1) Height? 5'2
2) Virgin? course
3) Shoe size? 8.5-9 i have big feet :P
4) Sexual orientation? bisexual i think
5) Do you smoke? nope
6) Do you drink? nope
7) Do you take drugs? nope
8) Age you get mistaken for? 15 or 14
9) Have tattoos? nope
10) Want tattoos? probably a few
11) Have piercings? just the two on the ears
12) Want piercings? i want spider bites but i couldnt handle that xD
13) Best friend? adam and hannah
14) Biggest turn ons? good music taste, outgoing and fun, just overall nice
16) Biggest turn offs? jerks...arrogance
17) Favorite movie?

Okay ive never posted a blog before

so hello guys ^_^

wanna be friends?