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I literally have nothing better to do so.

1. Any scars? Loads, i'm so clumsy and I scar really easily.
2. Crush? Haha, only my boyfriend ;3
3. Kissed anyone? Yes
4. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
5. Someone you hate? Hm, No. Not quite.
6. Best friends? My boyfriend :3 and at the moment, I think the other two people I'd class as 'best friends' would probably be Tam and Ian.
7. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? I used to drink quite a lot socially, like at parties, when I was younger but I rarely drink at all now I don't really like alcohol and I've never done drugs.
8. What's your dream job? I'd like to be a social worker.
9. Ever been in

I suppose i felt i had to say this somewhere.

I've come to notice that both on this website and on my twitter feed (where I follow mostly other MCR fans) everybody just seems a little bit, well, sad?

In light of the recent(ish) MCR breakup i'll admit i'm sad too. MCR have been with me since I was 11 and i'm getting toward 19 now. They were there through everything. I liked other bands between then, had relationships, made and lost friends, but it always came back to MCR. Their music influenced for a period of time the way I dressed and still to this day they have influenced the way I think and the way I look at the world.

Follow me on twitter, i'll follow back.

So i've finally started using twitter but i'm only following 63 people so it's pretty dull.
Follow me @bbethth and i'll follow back :)

Because it's my day off and i have nothing more interesting to post. ;[

1) Gender? Female
2) Age? 18
3) Height? Short :c umm about 5"4 i think roughly.
4) Virgin? No
3) Shoe size? 5
4) Sexual orientation? Straight
5) Do you smoke? Nope
6) Do you drink? Well i don't NOT drink, i just generally don't bother as it's expensive and i only like the alcohol that doesn't taste like alcohol so its pretty pointless. D; #most -uncool just-turned-18-year-old-ever.
7) Do you take drugs? Nope
8) Age you get mistaken for?


Happy birthday Frank Iero!

My top 25 My Chemical Romance songs of all time.

So i spent an entire evening reminiscing on my die-hard MCRMY days and compiled a list of my all-time favourite My Chemical Romance songs. I don't get a whole lot of time to just sit and listen to their music these days because i'm so preoccupied with my own life and i just don't rely on their music like i did - i have a job, a relationship, all that stuff and i think there comes a point where you grow out of the whole band thing but i still have a special place in my soul for My Chem and i most likely always will. So here's my list:

Top 10:

1. Our lady of sorrows
2. I don't love you
3. The