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I literally have nothing better to do so.

1. Any scars? Loads, i'm so clumsy and I scar really easily.
2. Crush? Haha, only my boyfriend ;3
3. Kissed anyone? Yes
4. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
5. Someone you hate? Hm, No. Not quite.
6. Best friends? My boyfriend :3 and at the moment, I think the other two people I'd class as 'best friends' would probably be Tam and Ian.
7. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? I used to drink quite a lot socially, like at parties, when I was younger but I rarely drink at all now I don't really like alcohol and I've never done drugs.
8. What's your dream job? I'd like to be a social worker.
9. Ever been in love? I am in love.
10. Last time you cried? Erm yesterday watching 'The Secret Millionaire USA'
11. Favourite colour? Baby blue.
12. Height? 5'4 or thereabouts.
13. Birthday? 7th august
14. Eye colour? Sludgey browny green
15. Hair colour? Red
16. What do you love? That's a stupid question, I love lots of things.
17. Obsession? Shoes x)

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I suppose i felt i had to say this somewhere.

I've come to notice that both on this website and on my twitter feed (where I follow mostly other MCR fans) everybody just seems a little bit, well, sad?

In light of the recent(ish) MCR breakup i'll admit i'm sad too. MCR have been with me since I was 11 and i'm getting toward 19 now. They were there through everything. I liked other bands between then, had relationships, made and lost friends, but it always came back to MCR. Their music influenced for a period of time the way I dressed and still to this day they have influenced the way I think and the way I look at the world. My best friend at 13 was unknowingly on the receiving end of numerous inspirational Gerard Way quotes on his darkest days and in turn, unknowingly, I guess MCR helped him out too :-)

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Follow me on twitter, i'll follow back.

So i've finally started using twitter but i'm only following 63 people so it's pretty dull.
Follow me @bbethth and i'll follow back :)

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Because it's my day off and i have nothing more interesting to post. ;[

1) Gender? Female
2) Age? 18
3) Height? Short :c umm about 5"4 i think roughly.
4) Virgin? No
3) Shoe size? 5
4) Sexual orientation? Straight
5) Do you smoke? Nope
6) Do you drink? Well i don't NOT drink, i just generally don't bother as it's expensive and i only like the alcohol that doesn't taste like alcohol so its pretty pointless. D; #most -uncool just-turned-18-year-old-ever.
7) Do you take drugs? Nope
8) Age you get mistaken for? I don't know, but i have two five-year old sisters (one's my mum and her partners, the other is my dad and his partners) and whenever i take them out on my own people always mistake me for their mum. Either i look really old or people think i'm a slut who had a baby at 13. Either way it's kind of insulting.
9) Have tattoos? Just the one.
10) Want tattoos? I don't want any more really but if i did it would just be something small again i don't want to be covered in them.

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Happy birthday Frank Iero!

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My top 25 My Chemical Romance songs of all time.

So i spent an entire evening reminiscing on my die-hard MCRMY days and compiled a list of my all-time favourite My Chemical Romance songs. I don't get a whole lot of time to just sit and listen to their music these days because i'm so preoccupied with my own life and i just don't rely on their music like i did - i have a job, a relationship, all that stuff and i think there comes a point where you grow out of the whole band thing but i still have a special place in my soul for My Chem and i most likely always will. So here's my list:

Top 10:

1. Our lady of sorrows
2. I don't love you
3. The Ghost of you
4. Kill all your friends
5. Early sunsets over monroeville
6. I never told you what i do for a living
7. Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us
8. Sleep
9. I'm not okay (i promise)
10. Demolition lovers

11. Bury me in black
12. Desert song
13. The only hope for me is you
14. Cancer
15. Headfirst for halos
16. The end
17. Helena