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i always feel like someone's after me...mabey its the insanity, mabey its the heartbreak, mabey its the pressure...i dont know what it is but then again, i dont know anything anymore. im suprised that im not crying all the time. in school when im not insaine, or wearing a straight face i have force myself to smile. MCR saved me again today at 2:59 (est) with was like deja voo because its not the first time they saved me, so basically if i never heard of my chem i wouldn't be here right now.

If You Guys Are Reading This...

HI, my name is Eric...I've been listening to My Chem Since Bullets...over the years as I got depressed you guys helped me

Bring back the blasters

If we bring back the blasters we can have all of our killjoy props back in stock, and what about the party poison jacket, don't we want that back in stock too? Now who is with me!