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Just wondering...

Do you think they still have the tour section meaning there's a chance of them coming back, or just to mess with our feels?;-;


Just a happy birthday for my hero


Just a happy birthday for my hero


Just a happy birthday for my hero

Mikey Way and 9/11

So I wanted to wish a happy belated birthday to Mikey Way.
But today, 11 years ago, a tragedy occurred. The United States were attacked in New York. Today we remember that day and all the victim's and their families.
There were only two things that came out of that day that I could think of: The United States realizing that we are susceptible to foreign attacks, and a new Gerard. Without that day, Gee probably wouldn't have wrote Skylines and Turnstiles and finally had a band for the name "My Chemical Romance".
So again, happy belated birthday Mikey.

I was wondering...

So in Danger Days, MCR used some keyboarding and made it sound much different from the other albums (along with just the album idea in general). But then they were on Yo Gabba Gabba and it drowned out Ray and Frank, and then Gee was interviewed and he played the song he wrote for Bandit and it sounded of mostly Synth and Gerard, so I was just wondering, "How is MCR 5 going to turn out?"

Happy Belated Anniversary

My PC kept freezing yesterday so I never got to post this :C.
So anyway, Happy Anniversary Gerard and Lyn-Z, I hope the best for you two and Bandit C:


As the title implies, I have thought of something. So I was thinking, Frank only played two songs on Bullets right? So how did he tour before Revenge? Did he just play Ray's parts on the other songs? Did he just write new parts? It just confused me.

I lost my wristbands :'(

Lost my Bamboozle tickets *cries*