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Wow, haven't poste here in quite a while. Like, several years.

I randomly decided to check this site again. After several years. I saw the old Gerard Way drawing I had done back then and realised that when it comes to drawing, a lot has changed since then.
Here I added a few of my latests drawings, one of them, the girl with the beanie, not being finished yet.
I think I'm going to do some good old MCR fanart sometime soon, just because I feel like doing so. Not sure if it's going to be digitals like the one's I just uploaded, or with aquarel or acrylic paint, since I have kind of neglected those materials lately.


VERY MCR-unrelated but, well yeah; had to say it.

I hate this programm, no kidding. If it were a human being, I would torture it, disect it, put it together again and then kill it. It's one big glitching, lagging, video-ruining piece of garbage >.< *glares angrily at WMM*
Does anyone know a better programm preferably a free one)

Attention whores

This isn't exactly MCR-related, but nevermind;

For real. i was just browsing a forum and i noticed an awful lot of 'am I ugly?' topics. For those who aren't familiar with this phenomena; it's something girl who know damn well that they're goodlooking do. They post an over-posed pic of themselves, all covered up in make-up, and ask if they're ugly. Really annoying. I mean, srsly; think about less-goodlooking ppl who see that. Thet'll make them feel even worse, right?
I usually reply with; yeah, ur pretty damn ugly. Because they really piss me off.
If you're reading this and realize ur one of

Drawing thingy xD

Hi folks ^^
I've been drawing Gerard from a magazine I got from a fried. First, i wanted to draw the entire band, but when I finished this one, wich took me about 10 hours of work at least, i decided one was enough xD
Hope y'all like it xD

Ps: It's also on my Deviant Art: