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GERARD PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerard HOW could you? How could you like JUSTIN BIEBER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? My arch enemy and my hero LIKE EACH OTHER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Please... No!!! I... I can't take it! Is it some kind of black mail attempt? Are they pretending to like it for Bandit Cherry and Lily? Did he get hit on the head? Hipnosis? PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!! And then those beliebers have the ODASITY to try to rough US up??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KILLJOYS UNITE!!!!!!!!! LET'S SHOW THOSE BASTARDS HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!

Gerard... Why? :,(

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Vine Spider and the Killjoys ch2 Na Na Na p2

When I woke up, a complete stranger was wiping my face with a wet cloth. I jumped up and reached for my laser gun, but it wasn't there. "I thought you might do that," she said, smiling and giving me my laser gun. "I guess it was smart for me to hide your gun. Poison told me he saw that instinct in you. You're all they've been able to talk about. They've been really worried, thought you might be low on food. Panda told them you hadn't eaten for a while, we were all pretty dang worried. Poison was so relieved when you started to stir! He left the room for some food for you. The only time he's left your side." I was a little dumb at the moment, something in my mouth wasn't working. I knew there was some reason that I was sad, a reason I had blacked out. Then I remembered. Oh Fastball... I started to cry.

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Vine Spider and the Killjoys ch2 Na Na Na p1

It only took him tenth of a second to unholster his gun, aim, and fire. All I could think was "What are you doing? You were just listening to our conversation, we're killjoys!" I closed my eyes and waited for my doom.

But it never came. The shot went over my head and hit someone behind me. I heard a scream and a thud. "Panda!" I shouted. Then I realized, that wasn't Neon Panda's scream. I turned around to see the dead body of an exterminator laying at my feet.

"Could you at least give us some warning?!?" yelled Panda. "I thought you were gonna blow my friend's head off!" "Oh, I'm so sorry." said Party Poison. "What was I supposed to say? 'Oh, don't worry, I'm not aiming at you, I'm aiming at the exterminator behind you, who IS pointing at you and Is about to blow your head off.' You'd be dead by then." "A simple 'Look out' would suffice," grumbled Neon Panda.

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New quiz!

Ok! I've devised a quiz of the upmost difficultness! It's about Gerard way and it is hard and stuff! So, if you want to do it just leave a comment and write the answers and I'll be checking back in all the time and I'll send you a message with your results! Good luck!;)

 Do You Know Gerard Way As Much As Me?

1: To start off easy, what is his mother's name?  1 pt.

2: Next, a little harder. What were his two favorite songs from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge? 1 pt.

3: Now for a really difficult one. What is every hairstyle he's ever had? Be very specific. 2 pts.

4: What jeans company did he model shirtless for? 2 pts.

5: When and where did he first announce his relationship with Lyn-z? 2 pts.

6: What were the three words he used to describe the kickball game he played in a very popular YouTube video? "it was --- and --- and --- and I am fucked up a little." 1 pt.

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Vine Spider and the Killjoys ch1 Look Alive, Sunshine

"109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit"

I was listening to my favorite radio station, the only one that tells the truth. I used to like 98.7, but that was when stuff was normal. Now that one has gone from rock and punk to generic news and easy listening. I'm really surprised they let us even listen to music, even if it does suck. Luckily, we have Dr. D to tell it like it is- to tell us what a crazy mixed up hell we live in. It's been this way for almost a year now, ever since BL/ind came in, telling us they were going to make everything perfect, everything beautiful, but trust me, this place is anything but perfect. And if you take away the slash mark from BL/ind, you're left with "blind."  

I'll never know how in the beginning, they were able to keep all the attacks hushed up. Why was I the only one who ever saw them for what they were? Monsters.

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Chris please don't listen to a word that motherfucker said I bet you anything they just made this account to make you feel like shit I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the people who bullied Danny! Please please PLEASE get better soon we all love you and we loved Danny!
Keep Running!
Vine Spider!

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Wait, WHAT????

Ok, so I just read a blog that told me that someone on this site bullied someone to the point of suicide? What the hell, people? I thought the whole point of this website was the exact OPPOSTE of this! Can someone send me more details on this matter? K bye.

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I'm back baby!!!!

Many of you might recognize the name from my fan fic, well I used to be mia mcrf but I have created a new account. And boy am I glad to be back! I'll be redoing all my fan fictions on this account and I can't wait for you all to read them!