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summer reading sucks ;_;

This summer has been so busy lately and then of course, there's summer reading to ruin the fun. We have a choice of two books to read (that are given on a list) and we have to do work for each of them. Ughhhhh :L

oh trouble-making bitches, you make me laugh C':

So on Facebook some random girl messaged me and told me: "Hahahaha you're a funny slut." So, I told her to go fuck a cow and then I blocked her from my profile.:D I find it hilarious as to how chicks like her have nothing better to do but cause shit. So, I laughed it off because the least i need right now is some stupid cyber bully trying to ruin my day.

Feeling confident :D

On my Facebook page, I have an album called "My Photography" In the album I posted these pictures I've taken. I've gotten so much great feedback. Today, my friend told me I should submit my photography to a magazine because I have potential. It made me feel so happy:D. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook to see my photography, message me for the link to my profile so you can add me.

-Electric Dance out!

This week's been tough... :( R.I.P Pop-Pop</3

Yesterday, July 24th, my grandpa died. I found this out right after I got out of the pool I was sitting on the patio with my mom and her friend. My mom got the call from my Dad's brother. Once my mom told me this, I ran to my room right away and cried for the rest of the night. All night yesterday we were getting phone calls and it was just so hectic ;___;. My little brother cried when my mom told him, and we all hugged each other.

My grandpa had lung cancer, and MERSA.

To the amazing My Chemical Romance:

Happy International My Chemical Romance Day everyone!<3<3<3

New Killjoy

Well, I'm a new Killjoy, and I'm so fucking proud that I can call myself that :'D My friend Ink Demolition told me about MCR and told me to look up "Teenagers." When I first heard the song it was amazing as to how true it was. It basically summed up every thought I have on teenagers.

So I began listening to more songs, and I have to tell you, I've fallen in love with this band. Every time I listen to their music it makes me feel so happy, and it gets the adreniline going. I've learned so much about them, and just fallen in love with the band.