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This is exactly how i feel right now..

"I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here?"

I hate myself, my body, everything.

I'm currently feeling extremely insecure right now. I feel that the only way you can feel pretty is by being skinny. To me, I think I'm really curvy and overweight...I just hate my body with a burning passion. When I see other really pretty and skinny girls it makes me hate myself for being so ugly.

For example, I remember in June our school had an 8th grade pool party for a field trip. So, we went to a pool club. I remember seeing all of these girls in my grade, in their bikinis, and I got really jealous of them.

What the heck just happened....

My mom and my uncle just got into an argument because my grandma is being a total bitch and now the whole day is completely ruined. My uncle and his girlfriend are going home because of what just happened......what the hell:( I seriously need some fresh air.

Gotta clear things out

I'm upset with my best friend, the ones that I care about most are upset with me, and I'm upset at myself. Tomorrow, I'm not going to talk to anyone. I need to think....A LOT..I need a break from people. I've never felt this way before, and I need to clear my mind out. I'm going to listen to MCR all day tomorrow for my therapy. Anyways, I thank you if you took your time to read this.

~Electric out

Story of my life.

Broke up with my boyfriend, my cousin is pissed at me and I feel like a complete bitch. Today sucked so bad.

They're every where....I swear (hey that rhymed:3)

I went grocery shopping with my mom at the supermarket today, and I went to go look at the magazine section to see if there was anything good. Of course, there were a whole bunch of teen magazines, and One Direction was on every single cover. What the hell happened to society today? Does anyone know what the concept of "good music" means? I mean One Direction is every where I go. They're on the radio, TV, magazines and's so irritating. But they'll probably end up like Justin Bieber.

Awesome video I found

Thought this was really cool:D

One last thing to complete my room!

My room is probably my favorite place to go to because it's full of everything that I love. I have some drawings that I did, some photos I took, playbills from my dance recitals, awards, and pictures of me and my closest friends, and all of these cover up my walls. and it just shows the type of person I am. I also have my music player, which I listen to all day, and my lap top. However, there's one thing missing, it's not decorated with any MCR stuff! Now that's a major problem. The good news is coming up my dear killjoys!

Since my grandpa passed away, my dad had to help clean out his

An MCR story I made...

Hope you like it, even though it makes no sense xD

‎"The ghost of you" is in my "Blood" as we walk to "cemetary drive" and "march in the black parade" We notice that this is "the end" and everyone is "dead" because of "cancer" Our "famous last words" were "i'm not okay" and "i don't love you. This was "disenchanted" since we decided to "kill all your friends" and "the kids from yesterday" We say "we all go to hell" because "I'm not a fashion statement, it's a fucking Deathwish." Near the "sharpest lives"and "teenagers" at "the House of Wolves."

You may have seen this on my friend Ink

My Chemical Romance and Chicago Mashup(:

You'll only get this if you know the musical Chicago. My friend Ink does:D

Kill all your friends and all that jazz. Welcome to the black nowadays. When your good to mama, mama we all go to hell. The lady raking in the chips is gonna be helena. She'd say what's Electric like? I'd say Gerard Way!