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First day as a freshman

My day started off with listening to MCR as I got ready for school. Once I got to school,I thought I'd get lost because my high school is so big, but I didn't get lost at all! Except.......I almost walked out of the building while I was looking for the gym...just leave it to someone like me to do that! Anyways, since I'm an honors student in Spanish, I'm in a class with juniors and that was really intimidating. I was the only freshman there and it was extremely awkward. Ohhh!

Oh MCR, I can't stop listening to you

I'm really depressed and all but I'm slowly getting better by listening to MCR. If I stop listening to them, then I'll be more depressed than I already am, and that's the least I need right now. Thanks for being there for me MCR. You're the best cure for feeling down<3

Facebook fan page:3

Hello everyone! I just created a Facebook fan page, and it's called, "I'm not psyco I just like psychotic things"-Gerard Way

I'm looking for admins, and I need more people to like it for me, I will be posting tons of pictures and quotes from MCR.

Message me if you're interested in being an admin, and just a heads up, I'm Electric Dance on there.

Anyways, here's the link!

craptastic day ;_;

Yesterday I went swimming and guess what! I got a cold from that, because the water was 77 degrees and I shouldn't have gone in. And of course I get sick RIGHT before school starts, ain't that lovely? Hrmph, well I'm going to spend my last week of summer vacation, in bed, and sick. This sucks. Why must my stupidity ruin things in the dumbest way? Well, G'day/G'night darlings.

Thank you everyone<3

So I've been reading all of the comments to my previous blog, and I don't plan on self harming again. Thank you so much everyone for being there for me when I needed someone the most. This website is basically like a diary I can show to all of you, and I never get judged and I know this is corny, but this is the only place where I feel like I belong. All of you have been so helpful ever since I got an account on this amazing website and I just wanted to say a BIG thank you<3 Almost all of the stuff I put on here, are things that I don't even tell my parents or best friends.

to make a rainbow, you need rain

So I went to my freshman orientation for high school today, and at the orientation, it had all of these tables filled with sign up sheets for clubs. One of the clubs were The Gay Alliance club. That club basically supports gays (obviously xD) and I wanted to join. So before I signed up, I asked my mom and you know what she said? She said no, that she can't risk me being bullied for that, and being called gay.

Check out my photography! :3

I love taking photography, the water pictures were taken with my waterproof camera c: These pictures are my three favorite ones<3

Here's a link to an album on my Facebook that has all of my photography:

Hey tumbleweeds, crashqueens and motor babies, we no longer need our ray guns and masks. It was a fun time fighting those Draculoids and meeting other killjoys. Now it's time for a new era darker than the Black Parade. Now we are scwondering what we'll be next. There's a whole new adventure to start. I have a feeling this new era is going to be a good one....every era has been great but I just have a really really.good feeling about this one...

"Hey, you got to sing it out."

So while I was walking to McDonalds for lunch, in NYC, while I was visiting my dad, I had my iPod with me. Well....I had an urge to play MCR out loud and see the reactions people would get.

good fucking mood:D

Okay, well I visited my dad in the hospital today, and he is SO much better. I am really really happy right now. Well my day began by taking a ferry to NYC in the morning, and holy bajesus, it was the most relaxing thing. So once my mom, brother&I got to the hospital in NYC, we stayed hours there with my dad, and I'm so glad to see him feeling better. After visiting my dad, we took a ferry home. And it was.. sooo relaxing and I had my camera with me, and snapped the most pretty pictures!