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My YouTube Channel

Hey lovelies, just wanted to know if y'all can check out my YouTube channel. I post videos such as vlogs, song covers, challenges, tags and a lot more. I'm also going to be posting videos similar to the one I have in this blog, to help people overcome rough times. I hope you enjoy my channel. Thank you so much you guys. I love all of y'all <3333

you're worth more than your mistakes

This is just a little dump of thoughts. Lately I've been feeling like a total screw-up, thought about a lot, and this is sort of the conclusion I came to~

It took me so long to realize that you are worth so much more than your mistakes. Just because you screwed up majorly a couple of times, doesn't mean it automatically defines who you are as a person. Mistakes are there so we can learn from them, and grow from them to become a better person. Of course, there are consequences that we suffer, which gives us the option to repeat the same mistake again, or not, and grow from it.

Would like someone new to talk to

So I've been ill with this nasty cold, so I stayed home from school today. And of course, I finished a whole season of Doctor Who, while sipping lots of tea, and snuggling with my dog. I also stayed home because I was really depressed, as well. A majority of my day was spent, crying, watching Doctor Who, and sleeping. Yipdeefriggendoo for depression, and feeling ill! .-. Tomorrow I'm not going to school because I honestly physically can't, and I am really weak at the moment. The only time I got out of bed today was when I went to eat and shower.

dumping my thoughts

So right now I'm wrapped in about 2839333 blankets, because it is freezing in my house and I'm having some Mac and cheese, typing this blog, while listening to Shane Dawson's new podcast. AND OH FUCK HEART BURN I AM EATING TOO FAST. Well, while I'm in the middle of having a heart burn, I figured I'd just dump some of my thoughts. First thing's first, I got pokemon black version 2, and it is amazing! My friends are telling me that I should've waited for X and Y, but unfortunately, I don't have a 3ds Dx.

Life at the moment

Heyya guys, it's been awhile since I've last made a blog. Well, just a little update: I've been looking at apartments with my mom and dad since they're getting a divorce. Reality has been hitting me harder then ever. You'd think that after two months of knowing that your parents are going to be separated, you wouldn't be in such a big state of shock, well, for me it's still sinking in. I mean for crying out loud, they were married for 21 years...just what the fuck went wrong? I still don't get it.

Bull to the Shit (In need of some major advice)

Why is love described in such an ignorant way, when all it is, is bull shit? When you stop loving someone, all it does is hurt everyone, in the end...Sorry..I'm just really fucking pissed off right now. I'm also confused, sad, and in a state of shock. Yesterday, when my mom was driving me home from the doctor's office, she stopped at some park on the way, and we sat in the car talking. Well what were we talking about?

Thank you MCR

My Chemical Romance,
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here today, Because of this band, I'm a much stronger and better person today. I've learned so much from your music, it taught me things I could never have seen before. From My Chemical Romance's music, I learned that it's okay to be different, we all have to stay strong and keep hope no matter what, and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Most of my closest friends who are people that I've met in the MCRmy. I honestly don't know how I'd be able to make it through the rough times I've had in my life, without this band.

My MCR fan page! (ADMINS NEEDED)

Hey everyone I made an MCR page a couple months back on Facebook, and it doesn't have many likes, so can you like it for me? :3 Also, I need more admins! So comment if you want to be an admin below! I'll message you the link to my FB profile so I can add you and then I'll make you an admin! C: well here's a link to the fan page!

Trapped in a world i can't escape

I feel as if I'm trapped. Every day I wake up, fearing of going to school, but then I again it's the only way I can see my friends. School sucks, and all it is, is stressful to me. My teachers pound us with homework, tests, quizzes, and everything is so relentless. My parents are exremely strict with me and my grades, so they have high expectations for me. But lately I've been slacking off and my grades are going down because I can't handle all of this school work I get.