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Happy Halloween, everyone(:<

So, my fellow freaks and geeks, this is the holiday I actually love. No overeating potatoes and turkey, no hideous sweaters, just amazing costumes and fucking amazing makeup. I adore Halloween because I feel at home. I feel like the morbidity of it just makes me thrive, makes me flourish creatively, and just brings out my inner beast. It's all so beautiful!!! Oh, and speaking of beautiful, might I add that today marks the 31st anniversary of Mr. Frank Iero's escape of the womb! Happy fetus escape remembrance day, Frank! Have a wonderful day(: You fucking deserve it!!!

I hate Sweetest Day.

All "Sweetest Day" really is, is a stupid made up holiday from Hallmark as an excuse to shove cards down our throats, and force us to say 'I love you' to someone whose pants are the only thing that matters to you. I guess this is more personal. See, my dad forgot it was Sweetest Day. Normally, I couldn't give less of a fuck, no matter how hard I tried. But, this year, it's like, I feel like he forgot because he's slowly growing ashamed of me, slowly realizing he doesn't love me like he used to. We aren't even that close, anyways, so I don't see how it would matter.

If you've got a soft heart and an iron attention span, read this. If not, cool.

When I like someone, it ends up being a total trainwreck of an event. And the reason I’m writing a novella is because I obviously like someone. Liking someone is a problem for me, because it's usually someone I don't know well, someone I hardly talk to, or a complete asshole. But, the worst part of it is, I'm way too shy. Like, I honestly couldn't even ask someone what we were doing in Chem because I'm so shy. It's like pulling teeth out of fucking cement. I'm always afraid I'll say something that makes me look like a total idiot, and completely ruin my shot. I'm awkward, too.

Long Time, No See

So, hey everyone. I kinda haven't posted in a while. Anyways, figured I'd give an update. I got Skyrim for my birthday, (of which was in May, and partially the reason why I haven't posted. I've been playing it for Lord only knows how many hours in a day), I've become a senior in High School, and that was it. Oh, and over the summer, I found a guy who I thought was perfect, but he ended up faking his own death and I found out that it was all a lie over twitter. (As in, I actually found his twitter account, because someone retweeted him.) That's always lovely to find out. Anyhow.


I am livid. Annoyed by the chewing and heavy nose breathing and mouth smacking noises around me. Infuriated with my inability to manipulate technology. Just plain mad at the world. I think it's probably close to "that time of the month", where my emotions get supercharged. But that doesn't give everyone else around me license to do things that piss me off to the max.


I'm not sure if you'd heard, but there was a shooting at Chardon High School. My prayers go out to the families of the victims of this tragic event. However, I do feel bad for the student who felt the need to resort to such violence. No, I'm not saying that what he did was right. I'm saying, someone should have stepped in before this had happened. For example, T.J. Lane (the alleged shooter), posted on his facebook page, a disturbing message. A cry for help, if you will:

"In a time long since, a time of repent, The Renaissance.


Can ANYONE tell me why the Jet Star jacket ALWAYS says 'Access Denied' every time I try to get to it?!

Your Grammar Sucks.

Okay, people. Listen up. So, I have noticed people who consistently spell words wrong, use incorrect grammar, and can't seem to use the proper PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture spells this all out. However, I wish it wasn't as harsh, but it gets your attention.

The "Norm"? Time to change our standards.

So, we're all aware of what society wants us to be. And i'm sure that none of us here fit into what society defines as 'normal'. So, why should this matter? Aren't we all confident in who we are, and there's no changing that? What about the rest that society's tried to take down and turn into one of its precious little drones? I know that there are those of you who love who you are and flaunt it daily. I really commend you for that. You have the power of who you are, and you can use it as a weapon, taking down any mother fucker that tries to destroy you.

Numero Uno(:

Soooooo, yeah. First blog I've posted o.o......... (too many complications: *meaning, I didn't know how to post one, since there was no clearly marked "Post" button. They should work on that for the technologically inept. {that's me!!!!!} ) ANYWAYS. So, I've recently discovered the Godliness of Frankenberry (thank you Gerard, for getting me hooked on the stuff), Left4Dead (again, thanks Gee), and I donated blood yesterday(: (something i would NEVER do, due to my fear of oversized needles. I still don't know why I donated, though.