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Conventional Weapons, Baby!!!!!

SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I got the entire thing preordered and set to come in on February 5th!!!! AAAHHH!!!!!

Vampires will Never Hurt You... Pt. One

Chapter One: Gone to Town
Setting: 2055, Alaska, United States

When I take a look in the kitchen of my lake-side shack, all I see is empty beer and prescription pill bottles laying everywhere. Woke up again today with a pounding headache. Hopefully now that vampires have taken over and ravaged nearly all the cities, I will eventually run out of alcohol to drink. Until there is none left, though, cheers to me. I'll drink everyday. I'll pop pills until the day I die.

God, when those vampires came into Fairbanks, it was chaos. People screaming and running for shelter on all sides.

Having a Permit is Great :)

I love it. When someone is talking about experiences when they were driving, you actually have stories to tell back!!!!!! It's awesome!!!!

I'm So Worried About My Sister

The girl in the picture is my twelve year old sister Elizabeth. I'm so worried about her :( she is ALWAYS in trouble whether it be for bad grades, talking to perverts online, or being a smart aleck. I mean she sits in guys laps and she is extremely guy crazy :( She doesn't know how to keep herself out of trouble and keep herself safe. I wish there was something I could do for her but I just don't know anymore :( She is going nuts. No matter what we say or do, she just gets worse. I'm trying so hard to be there for her.... You see, her dad is in and out of jail for drugs all the time.

Had a Crappy Day, MCRmy, but No One Cares Except You...

So yeah. Today I woke up late and had to get ready too fast :( Then I get to school, and I had to take a 2hr and 30min long test to prepare for my A.C.T. next year. Gah! That was torture... Next I had to go to word processing and I absolutely despise that class. After that, I went to English Two. We had to do a one minute speech over random topics. Mine was "The most embarrassing moment of my life"!!! And I was thinking "REALLY???!!!" Because I have stage fright issues and the topic just made it worse.

Gerard Way

Just thought this picture was too priceless not to share with the MCRmy :)


OH MY GERARD WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My high school's football team won today :) 41 to ZERO!!!!!!! I feel so happy for my boyfriend. I'm not into football, but he plays. So I come to the homecoming game every year. He's so happy it's crazy :) it makes me happy, too, though. So I guess it's all good ha ha. Our team hasn't won more than two games a year for the past 15 years. So Destin is happy, this is our third win this year. It's 3 wins and 2 losses now. Plus this is the first time in over 30 years that we have won our homecoming game :) So excited for the team. Love my school :)

How do I do this?

How in the world do I get active on this thing? I'm on Facebook and Twitter(my name is MCR_Forever97), but I don't know how to do blogs or anything. I want to get more active, but I cant figure out how to... Need tips badly. lol