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Well I'm Playing the Date Game...

My friend wanted to talk to this girl who i know. So I had to to introduce them lol. I can't wait to see this build from both sides (: Playing Match Maker here xD This is going to either be fun or a dud. I'm hoping for them to make a cute couple lol. Haha.

Christmas Stuff!!!!!!

I got a Star Wars calendar, Gir gloves, Dressed Up as a Life by Sick Puppies, Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled album, Wasting Light by Foo Fighters, Appeal to Reason by Rise Against, Feeding the Wolves by 10 Years, a blanket made by my boyfriend's mom, a guitar clock, some gift cards for ITunes and Amazon, and The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy by Carrie Ryan!!!!!!! Pretty cool Christmas (:


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Government is Going After our Internet Again!

Well, here it goes again. They are going to try and censor stuff on OUR internet. The only place we can truly call "No-man's land," and they are going to try to take a free place away from us. We won't be able to post lyrics, or look up certain things on Google. Sites every where will be taken down.... Please help keep our internet free and open by posting about this on your Facebook, Google +, Twitter, send emails, etc. Any site where you can get to people. The internet needs you to sign this petition It's Google. So you can definitely trust this website.

I Hate Kid's Hissy Fits

I am so sick of my sister always getting her way cause she is crying and screaming and won't stop. I don't care. She should get spanked, but no. She won't. When I was little, my dad spanked me for being bad. I turned out just fine. I never get in trouble, I make good grades (A's and B's always), I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, I haven't had sex and me and my bf have been together for a year and a half. I think I'm a decent teenager. Not Adriana. She will always get her way as long as dad lets her. She should get told "No" more often than not.

To Love You... A Poem by Me

Hard to forget the way you look at me
Feels like my heart's a sinking ship at sea
You make me laugh and make me cry
You talk to me until I sleep like a sweet lullaby...

I want you to kiss me in the night
Your smile to me seems so warm and bright
I dream of seeing you here with me
Although sometimes those thoughts make me wish to flee...

I must say I love you by now all right
Although loving you sometimes sets my heart afright
I'll share my deepest secrets with you here
In the valley of my lowly tears...

You put my emotions into a hogtie
Sometimes you make it so hard to lie
My emotions used to

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Chapter Two: The Big City
Setting: 2055, Fairbanks, Alaska.

I started next to Star Lake in the old Waterfowl Refuge where I had built my shack. Well, at least, it used to be the refuge. Now that there isn't really anyone to keep it up, its been over-grown. It's okay with me, though. I got used to all the plants being too tall. It's comforting sometimes just see them. Makes it feel like they're protecting me.

I've been jogging about two and a half hours when I come out onto Farmers Loop Road.

The Contradictions... Poem by Me

I want to fly, but this bird has no wings
I want to chant these words, but this rock-star can't sing
I want to swim, but this fish may drown
I want to dance, but this ballerina can't break it down

Missing You... Poem by Me

Would you think me a fool if I told you I missed you?

Would I be wasting my time if I bid you adieu?

I try to walk away from you, but my heart begs "Turn around!"

If I do, I will surely be storm-bound...

The Beauty of Roses: A Poem by Me.

Rose petals fall on desert sand

Looking for a damp place to land

Beauty only goes so deep

Making the ends that never meet

Life is a game that I wasn’t meant to play

That is why “Good-bye…” is all I can say