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Having my Sweet Sixteen Party!!!!

WHOO!!!!!!! I'm turning sixteen! Going to have a license and get to drive on my own. One step closer to freedom, my beautiful killjoys out there. I'm inviting 6 of my friends to go play laser tag with me :) We will play laser tag, bowling, there are go carts, and a bungee cord! I'm getting a caked themed after "The Hobbit"! I will love this birthday so much lol.

Also, my friend Brooke didn't get to have a party earlier this year and two of my other friends have birthdays coming up soon, so I'm buying them a cake with my own money. It's a small one. I know Brooke and Hunter don't like chocolate cake, so I'm making it vanilla with white icing and bright blue edging and trim, as well as bright blue lettering. The lettering says "For Brooke, Hunter, and Kayla". I think that they will appreciate it. (: I want to make them all smile! ^_^

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I spent time with my BF and my BFF

Yesterday My boyfriend Destin and my best friend Hunter came over to play Magic: The Gathering with me. The social contact was nice. Lol. We played MTG, then Hunter played some video games on my PS3. Destin fixed Minecraft on my laptop. I just enjoyed their company for a few hours. They came over at 12:30pm central time and left at 9:00pm. I didn't want them to stay all night. I don't like spending the night or having people overnight. I just like going to bed alone. I'm used to being alone, I guess. :/ Ugh.

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I play this game called Magic.

This game is so cool. My boyfriend Destin started playing it with his and my friend Josh. Destin showed the card game to me and now I'm hooked. I'm having my friend Brandon build me a card deck out of Vampire and Angel cards. I love white and black card decks. My best friend Hunter told me that the reason I do is because I like the balance of darkness and light. It actually makes perfect sense. I think he is a soul reader... lol. Anyway, maybe you guys should try it out. It's called "Magic The Gathering" I hope you guys give it a chance. It truly is worth the effort to learn how to play if you're open to it. (:

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So lonely....

This feeling never goes away. Fuck my life. I just get this sinking feeling in my chest at night right before I go to bed. I hate going to bed alone. I don't want to sleep alone. I want Destin to be there so I can curl up in his arms and rest easy for once instead of crying my eyes out every night. I think he gets annoyed with me because I say that to him every other night and he just doesn't understand. I don't think he ever gets lonely without me there.... My life sucks...

--Venom Heart

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So yeah, Dad pisses me off...

Dad came into my room today while I was working out and looked at my T.V (it was on because if I get really bored, I'll lose my motivation. Ugh.). He said "I'm gonna ground you "....... Hold up one goddamn second, Dad. You're gonna ground me for watching T. V. because I watch it one hour a day four days a week?.... The only reason he wants to ground me is because he doesn't realize that. I work out from 3:45pm to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday. Dad leaves for work at 4:30pm and sees my T.V. on every day. If he was ever here at night, he'd know that my T.V. hours are not excessive! I mean, jeez. I don't do drugs, sneak out, drink, smoke, or anything extremely harmful, so your gonna ground me because you ASSUME that i watch T.V. all the time? You are a douche-bag.

Sorry that lately all my blogs are me whining about my life, but shit has been going on here lately. I just can't win. Nothing good happens recently.

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Well, Mom Is Arrested... Ugh.

Mom stole from Walmart. She got herself thrown in jail over a fucking bottle of make-up. Mom is such a dumbass. She says she's a kleptomaniac. She also says she's bipolar, but I don't believe a word she says. She self-diagnosed herself on WebMD. She also just got a brand new apartment that Grandma paid the first month's rent and deposit on. Mom had some money. Even if she didn't, she could have waited to buy it and asked someone for help.

Mom needs to grow up. She is 34 and still hasn't grew out of her teenager stage. I wish mom could put on her big-girl pants and accept the responsibilities of being a parent, but that will never happen. She is too childish. Mom refuses to believe that what she does to me and Elizabeth is harmful to Elizabeth's well-being. It isn't to mine because I can handle it, but Elizabeth is at a turning point in her life. She is turning 13 soon and is entering the teen-stage. She needs a strong mother and father, but she has neither!

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Been Watching me Some Anime (:

Inuyasha is absolutely amazing (: I adore this anime. Inuyasha is the cutest half-demon EVER! He is so in love with Kikyo, though. I think he should be with Kagome. Obvisiously, Kikyo doesn't care about him anymore... Grr... More complicated than my life will ever be xD
*Sigh* if only anime characters were real. I would bring Orhime of the anime "Bleach" to life. Also, I'd bring Ichigo (Bleach), Inuyasha, Shippo (Inuyasha), and Samurai Jack to life lol. Who would you create? It doesn't have to be anime xD it can be cartoons or animated movies. I'd bring Shaggy from "Scooby-doo" to life if I could lol.

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Somebody Talk to me (:

I need friends lol.

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or just message me on here (:

--Live and laugh; detonate and destroy--

Venom Heart

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This symbol looks so much Better

Yeah I like this one better but its not quite right... Can someone else do one better? Please? then email the pic to me please...

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Made my Own Symbol

I may make a new one sometime. Just a rough draft really. But my Killjoy name is Venom Heart.So i thought this fit xD

-- Venom Heart