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I drew

I drew my first portrait EVER!!! It's of my sister Elizabeth.

First Day

Guys, I've been soldier for the MCRmy since I was nine. Third grade. I'm a senior (12th) in high school. This is my final year at my high school. I turn 17 on Thursday (August 7). This is a big step. The beginning of the end. Killjoys, I'm terrified of the future and what it holds for me. This is so huge for me. I need your help, Killjoys. I feel so weak knowing that everything will change next May.

Make Some Noise,
Venom Heart

Hello, Killjoys!

I'd like to befriend some killjoys, marchers, and MCRmy members. I love you guys so much. People, just drop me an inbox and we can talk :)

Shitty year

Lost the man I was with for 3yrs to a girl I thought was my best friend. I dated my best guy friend Hunter for 3mon then broke his heart and still am breaking it. I went to Washington dc with my dad, hunter, and my sister Elizabeth. My dad ruined it and caused the breakup of me and hunter. and Now I wish I would have never went on that dam "vacation" I hate my life.

Magic: The Gathering

My boyfriend is a dick with this game. His decks are amazing and make me look like a chump lol. I will continue to build better and play better, though! I shall do this!

Got A license!

It's awesome lol. I have a parking place at school, so now i can drive back and forth to school. I went to my best friend hunter's house yesterday and played Magic: The Gathering. ^_^ I feel so free lol Also, that is hunter in the picture displayed. ^_^ he is an amazing friend!

A Car With an MCR Logo

I was at the park on Sunday and my younger sister Elizabeth said "Why would someone paint a bug on the front of their car?" I looked and seen it was a spider like the american widow from Danger Days. I looked around the bush a little more and seen it had a little lightening strike on its back. I RAN OUT OF THE GAZEBO FULL SPEED TO SEE IF WHAT I SAW WAS TRUE!!!! AND IT WAS!!!! It says "MCR" between the legs at the bottom. I seen on the left side it said "Danger" and on the right "Days" down the sides of the hood it reads"Eight legs to the wall.

The Fair

I didn't actually take that picture but it looked pretty lol.

ANYWAY! On Saturday I went to the fair with my boyfriend Destin. We rode a boat thing that swung really high up then got my stomach on the way down. Destin would tickle me while the ride got my stomach. Sometimes I'd lay on his arm and just relax. It was really fun.

Coffee for "brokenup"

Here is a bunch of coffee haha

Unicorn for "Move like a Wraith"

Here is that unicorn I promised!!!!!!!!