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Yay! i found internet at the hotel i'm staying at so i can keep up with my blogging! i think it's so awesome cuz i can chat w/ u all and not hav a huge gap of time in between! Thank You Hyatt Hotel!!!!

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MCR Challenge

so like every1 is doin this MCR challenge. Do u just make up ur own or do u follow? well i'm gonna make up my own, but i'll start on Halloween in honor of Frankie. Can't wait i'll post the list when i create it! Wish Me LUCK!
-V.V. 4EVR

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Road Trip

gahh! i'm excited yet dreading after school 2day. We're goin on a road trip for like 8-10 hours to The Christmas Story House. it's literally a museum of the house that the movie The Christmas Story was filmed in. Any1 here evr c it? Well then there's the Chinese restaurant two so u guys probably won't being hearin from em 4 a while. :( oh well. Se la ve: That's life.

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Drop Dead Tired

Hav u evr been so sleep deprived tht u just wanna drop dead so u cud finally get some sleep? Well tht's me now. I wanna just drop dead where i am so i can finally get some FREAKIN SLEEP! i. need. sleep. Do i sound like i'm whining 2 any1? if so tell me or tell me how 2 sleep well. thnx!

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is i t just me or does any1 else out there love playing around w/ stickers? Cuz like i'm a huge fanatic about them. Am i crazy?

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i rocked my orchestra concert but the best thing wuz that I WON THE COSTUME CONTEST! They said and i quote:"And The Winner For Scariest Costume, Goes To Kat The Bass, In The Black Parade My Chemical Romance!" I LOVE U FRANKIE! Thnx 2 frank's AMAZING Black Parade Costume i won! I Owe u HUGE Frank!

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Any 1 wanna chat for like 5 min?




k then. this hurts.

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Here's the thing and i'm gonna sum it up real nice. My day: mountain of homework, long way boring school day, feeling like bull-crap (sick), and freakin out ovr orchestra concert. it's a halloween 1 so i'm goin as Frankie when he's in The Black Parade. i'm lookin BEAST! Now back 2 school. Don't y'all hate it when the teach tells ya 1 thing then gives u hmewrk on smethng TOTALLY different? well my math teach not mentioning names (*cough* Mrs. Marose *cough*)does that ALL the freakin time! no wonder i don't get a THING she says!!!! GARG! Well the homework thingis normal so i'll do it L8r. Plus now i'm goin 2 get ready 4 my orchestra concert (uggh!) and i'm feelin like bull just 2 sum it up 4 ya. Lordy Help ME!

P.S. I"M TIRED AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i fall head over heals for Gee in the is video

then hopefully u see it on the side bar, but then the official music vid 4 Desolation Row is sick! Gerard's such a hottie in both.
P.S. I've got a HUGE crush on Gee, (sssh, don't tell!)

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Can anyone help me with any tricks u have 2 fall asleep? it's the middle of the day and im exhausted