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Make's me cry

This music video make's me cry every time, and I DON'T cry. I still love it though. ♥ Rascal Flatts ♥

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My Killjoy Costume (pictures 1 and 2)

Here's the front of my Killjoy Jacket, and the close-up shot of the patch.

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My Killjoy Costume (picture 3)

Here's the back of my killjoy Costume.

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30 Day MCR Challenge

Hey it's the first day of my 30 MCR Challenge. So my favorite song off the 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love' album has to be Our Lady Of Sorrows. it means so much too me because it shows the difficulty of a relationship, and i know what it's like. I've dated some real idiots and it shows that new love, if you wanna call it that, can be found. Personally, my version of 'Love' is really bizarre. For me, Black/Dead is preferred to pink/cutesy so this song fits me sooooooo well.

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Happy Birthday Frankie!!! and Happy Ieroween!

Happy 30th Birthday to one of da BEST guitarists/ screamers or ALL TIME!!!! Happy Birthday Frankie Iero! U just nevr seem to age! 30 has nevr looked cuter on anyone besides you except trees!!!! (pay back 4 gee) I Still Love YOU!!!!

Frankie Through Out The Years

1st pic: Frankie Now

2nd pic: Frankie as a school boy (and)

3rd Pic: Adorable Little Kid Frankie

Told you, Never ages! God Dammit he's so frickin CUTE!!!!!

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Weird Al and Jeff Dunham

Does any1 else cry when they see or hear either Weird Al or Jeff Dunham? i roflmao!!!!!! i'm watchin it now and i'm dying!!!! :'))

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Saw a squirrel!

God i love squirrels. Is any1 else obsessed w/ squirrels cuz of da movie UP?

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Holy Crap!!!

Holy crap! i love Gee's new doo by WHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!! Why get rid of the red!?!?!?!?! Gee, I hope your happy now, cuz u've Made me cry. :,((

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Love the 80's!!!

I know the 80's were like WAY before my time but i love this song!!!! 1981 ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!

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Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back (Prt 2)

"You're BLi.... You're BLi." He says shaking his head with disbelief.
"Yes and your a killjoy, we've established this already." I roll my eyes with a great deal of effort.
"But you're BLi and they're not helping you. Wait! Is this an ambush!?!" he whirls around frantically as if trying to spot an attacker.
"They did this to me. They being Korse and a couple of draculoid bastards. I'm a BLi rebel. We're virtually undercover killjoys in the academy. Now if you wouldn't mind doing me the favor of killing me, that would be great." I close my eyes and wait for him to walk off.
"Sorry babe, you rebelled against them BLi scum, so that definitely makes you a killjoy. And NO killjoy get's left behind." he smiles brushing the side of my cheek with his hand.
"Actually you'd be doing me a huge favor." I groan, because I know that I'm going' to be in a LOT of pain for a while.