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I can't believe this is really happening!!

Well, in my previous blog, I posted that I'm joining martial arts finally. And....I did. I couldn't be better. It filled me with energy and is helping with my depression too! My counselor loved my new fresh and energetic self. And I am loving it too. I got punched very hard in the solar plexus the first day, and everyone was very impressed that I was strong. If any of you guys are feeling down and bored, my humble advice is to do the same! It really helps!!

I will fight back

I've been meaning to say this out loud for a while. I'm tired of waiting. For things to change and get better. The rate of rape is rising in my country and frankly all around the world. This world is miserable but it is upto us to change it. I'm about to enroll into JKD fight classes. The kind Bruce Lee did. Next time someone tries to take advantage of me, I won't be a damsel in distress. I will fight back. And if someone is not strong enough to stand up for themselves, I'll help them too. I will be strong. I won't let guys define my life.

Proud of being a misfit!

I know I'm not the first misfit out here but I just want to say to every amazing person out here- celebrate being you. I know being different sucks, but its really cool when a song's lyrics match your situation completely. It is really cool to be you and even if people don't see it now, it will be worth it when they stand waiting for your autographs tomorrow.Love yourself for exactly who you are and people will too. I have been second guessing myself forever and it doesn't help. So stop thinking so much and start living!