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Don't Worry I'm Alive!

Hey guys! Long time no speak! It's been like what three weeks since I've last properly posted here? I'm sorry for being away for so long but with school starting back up again I've been swamped with school work :") Quite a bit has happened over the past three weeks, I'm doing ok at school it's as sucky as ever but thankfully I've only two more years to go before I finish school! I'm going to start learning guitar soon which is quite cool from this guy who charges like £13.50 for half an hour of teaching guitar which is quite a lot but he has his own studio and everything so he must be good :) Do any of you have any tips for an aspiring left handed guitarist? Finally I've got some bad news to tell you all; A guy I've been talking to for weeks who said he *likes* me has randomly started dating this girl which sucks but there's plenty more fish in the sea!