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Life Without MCR.......

Well ..... life without MCR has been pretty weird i guess ... i don't know ... its been really hard for me to cope with the idea that My Chemical Romance is no more. It was a real shocker i didn't see this one coming at all ... it broke my heart knowing now that i am never going to be able to see perform live .its always been my dream to see them live and umm i was really hoping with release of their 5th album i might be able to see them for the first but i guess that ship has sailed .... BUT still no matter what i will always love MCR . They taught me that it was okay to be myself and not give a shit about what other people say and just to never give up no matter what how bad it gets ! soo i really just wanted to say thank you to MCR for everything and just being there for me and know that I will never forget you all and that I'm proud to be a black parade marcher and a killjoy forever