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VampirismBitesUsAll's blog

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Art through Inner Demons.

I've always been rather articulate with online photography editing. Anything from basic simple touch ups to insane designs from the deepest corners of my brain? You bet I've done it. My artwork is most often inspired by all sorts of music.. but today?..

Queen and My Chemical Romance will be my two focuses.

Attached are some random old pictures I found, enjoy, maybe they'll inspire You to do something creative today as well. <3


Nights like tonight.. <3

I'm located in Liverpool, New York. Not too far up North, but close enough to see some of what this area in particular has to offer.

The Sky is clear; Jet black. Stars are far more vivid tonight than they usually are.. something I've always found haunting fascination with. Crisp, cold air makes my shallow breaths visible as I watch the world Above glimmer with Hope of what could be a better tomorrow. Each drag from my cigarette slips secrets into the dead of night.. yet I'm still not cold enough to retreat indoors.

So herein lies such debate..

I'm at a point in my personal Life now, where there's a lot I'm still very unsettled by. Quite unfortunately, these troubles seem to have no solution as of the moment; When have they ever? Heh.

A bit about myself, for those whom care to learn.

Name is Hayley DeeAnn Vaughn Johnson. I'm 20 years old, though honestly after all I've endured I feel more like 35. I'm an Artist, Singer, Dreamer, Romantic, Writer. Some days, I'm the most wonderful, innocent, practical being you could ask for.. Others?.. I can be the single epitome of Lust. Dark, Reckless, and guilty as charged.