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Wow, last 3 days = epic!!! ^_^

So on Saturday I went to see Fearless Vampire Killers, if that wasn't epic enough my friends and I got right to the front, and I caught a drum-stick, on top of that, when Laurence (Lead singer) stuck his hand in the crowd, I touched it :D Then, after the show my friends and I left the crowd, wondered around, and bumped into....3 of the Fearless Vampire Killers!! So they signed our posters, and then (Gets even better!!!! :D) Invited us backstage!!!!! XD So me, Raese, Zain and Lizzie all went backstage with them (Katie picked the WORST time to disappear!! Haha) And there we met the drummer and bassist, Dai and Nick :) And I said to the drummer (In a cool, calm, totally crazy voice!) "I caught your drumstick!!!!!" And he was like "Ah cool, I wondered who got that" And smiled at me, and I melted!

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I'm not o-fucking-kay fanfic. Part 9 :) (Sorry it's shorter! :/)

I fell asleep about an hour after the doctors and nurse left, I really didn’t want to, I was terrified of not waking up, of feeling the lead weights pin me down again, but I couldn’t help it. I was so tired, which made no sense; I’d only been awake about five hours maximum today.
When I woke up, it was dark; it must’ve been about one in the morning, I sat up slowly and looked around, I could see spots, brightly coloured ones, that wasn’t normal, was it? I tried fumbling for the button the doctors told me about, but I couldn’t find it, it was too dark. What was this? Some sort of crazy hallucination thing? Or was I just mad now? I shut my eyes tight and laid back on my pillow. Maybe I could get back to sleep.

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Shut up, you don't know me.

Dad's pissing me off big time. I was in the park with some friends today after our exam, and at about 7:00pm Katie, Joel, Danii, Josh, Oli, Emily and me were in the actual play-park bit, and this police car pulled up across the field from us, and these two police officers stepped out and walked across the field toward us. Danii said "Guys, don't look them in the eyes, they'll think we've been up to something." So me being me called out to them "Helllooo!" And waved spastically. So they walked over to us and said hi, asked how we were etc. Then they pointed at a group of people (Druggie chavs) in the corner of the field and asked if we knew what they were up to, and Josh answered "I'm not sure, but they stank of Budweiser and weed when they walked past." So the police officers nodded, said thanks and went over, then came back 10 minutes later with one of them in handcuffs, and put him in the back of the car with a police officer already in there.

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Anyone here heard of Lucien Lake? ;D

He's a moderately famous, amazingly good looking 15 year old German guy, who added me! :D
(It's the real him, we spoke on VampireFreaks! xD ZOMFG!!! :D He's like, wow! <3
I was jumping up and down spastically when he added me on there, then on FB and I was just like "AAHHH!!!" xD Google him! <3

Keep Running Killjoys!
~Cyanide Sickness~

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I'm not o-fucking-kay fanfic. Part 8!! :D

MIKEY’S POV. (Yeah, I did a Mikey point of view! XD)
My knees were shaking as we walked up to the house, how was I meant to explain this to mum and dad? They’d flip! Maybe Jasmine had been right, and the hospital had already phoned, that would save me some explanations I suppose. I put my keys in the door and we stepped inside.
“Mikey?” I heard dad call from the living room
“…Yeah…” I said nervously.
“Come in here, please.” I walked in, and Frank and Jasmine followed.
I was taken aback by what I saw, mum and dad, red-eyed as though they’d been crying. Mum, I could understand, she cried when the cat died, but dad…He never cried. I could feel my heart pounding and my face redden.
“Oh, hello Mikey, and hello Frank dear.” Said mum, sniffing.
“Hello Mrs. Way, hello Mr. Way.” Said Frank politely.
“Who’s your friend? Mikey…” Mum asked. I could tell she was avoiding the main subject.
“Mum, dad, this is Jasmine.”
“Nice to meet you, Jasmine.” Dad said, in a polite but upset tone.

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125 questions! (I copied this!) xD

1) You ready for 125 questions?
Go for it!

2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
Yes. He was always drunk and high, total dickhead.

3) Do you believe in God?
"You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck, they don't believe in us, but I believe in the enemy.
And er, no I don't ^_^

4) Who last said "I love you" to you?
Ray! :) (Not Ray Toro, unfortunately! Haha)

5) Do you think they regret it?
Hope not haha! :')

6) Have you ever been depressed?
Yes, for about 3/4 years of my life, still am a bit, but it's manageable x)

7) Have a best friend?
I have many, they're all epic! <3

8) Are you a boy or a girl?
I am a girl :D

9) What is your relationship status?

10) How do you want to die?
Something that looks like an accident, (Wow, that sounds depressing! I'm not suicidal dw)

11) What did you last eat?
Chicken ceaser wrap :D

12) Play any sports?

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I'm not o-fucking-kay fanfic. Part 7!! :P

Gerard had woken up! I was so happy, but that stupid nurse made us leave. Frank must have thought I was upset when I started crying, I wasn’t, they were tears of joy because Gee was okay. I felt so bad for Gerard though, he was so confused when he woke up, he even had to clarify that Mikey was his brother! As we were walking down the hall Frank was filling me in on what the doctors had said before I arrived, “In the house he’d been unconscious, and when the paramedics arrived they checked his pulse, and gave him an oxygen mask to help his breathing and stuff. Then when he’d been put into the ambulance his levels of consciousness dropped scarily low, they started doing chest compressions and trying to get him back, they did this all the way to the hospital and once they got there he was lifted onto a bed and hooked up to a drip. I don’t know what was in the drip though.” He said.
I looked at his hands, they were shaking and Mikey had turned away.

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House to myself ^_^

House to myself so I've got at least an hour and half to myself of uninterrupted fanfic writing! xD Haha, wow I sound like such a nerd! :P Might draw a picture too. Also, getting off the bus today I tripped into a thorn bush and grazed my right arm! Owee >.< Annyywwhoo, on with the fanfic! :D

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Just heard some terrible news!! D':

Some of you may have heard of my friend Danii in other blogs? Well I just found out, one of her friends died today, he had terminal cancer, she was in tears, and to be honest so was I. It was so sad, I never knew the boy, but his name was Jason Potter. R.I.P Jason. I never knew you, but you will never be forgotten :'( <3

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I'm not o-fucking-kay fanfic. Part 6! xDD