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Not happy. >.<

Two days ago this thug called Shaun tried stabbing my friend Matt, and had Anne not jumped in the way and stopped him...Well, lets just say Matt might not be here today. So anyway, there was a massive thing with the police, Shaun got arrested and none of us got home until about 9pm, but today I found out that he's been released Scott-free! He's literally been allowed to walk out, and no charges have been pressed!! D: HE TRIED TO KILL MY FUCKING FRIEND!!! Oh my god, I'm so ANGRY right now!!! >.< I swear, if I EVER see Shaun again, I'm gonna give him a piece of my fucking mind!! >:'(

My friend Matt organised a big meet up in the Castle Grounds yesterday, and a whole load of us went, and when Jack R-g (My bf) and I got there, there was a new guy there called Shaun, and Jack said hi to him, and Shaun called him a cunt and told him to fuck off, so immediately I didn't like him, but we all hung around for a bit, and then I had to go for 6th Form Enrollment at 2pm, and Jack [R-g] came with me, and we got back at about 5pm, and everyone had moved to a different place, and Jack Finn was there too, so we went to join them, and asked what was new, and Anne said,
"Shaun got all pissed off when Jack [Finn] arrived and started having a go at him, saying he was gonna beat him up and stuff, so we ditched him and Matt's gone to go talk to him."
Ten minutes later Matt came back, and said to Jack Finn
"It's all good, I've cleared it up and he said he's not gonna beat you up"

There was some massive meet-up with a load of friends in the park today, and I made some new friends :D But it was pretty awesome, I met a homeless guy there called Steve, and he had a dog called Brew :3 I also met up with my old friends Frank, Dick, Shed, Harry, Abbie, etc :) Steve was doing this thing, where if we gave him £10 he'd get us an £8 bottle of rum, and he'd get to keep the change, cos he was homeless and doing us a favor, so that was a fair deal :) And his dog was really friendly too :D Also we set fire to so much stuff, half of us are pyromaniacs XD At one point, Jack and I went to the fish and chip shop, and we came back and shared/Had half our food nicked, by the rest of the group, and then we got all the paper the chips and stuff were wrapped in, put it in a plastic bag and decided to set fire to it somewhere, I decided the concrete, cos then if it gets too out of hand we can jump on it, but Abbie said to burn it in the bin, I wasn't too sure about that, cos the bin i

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Got told off on the train today - For having MCR on too loud!! D:

I was on the train today to meet my boyfriend Jack, and I was listening to Party Poison, quite loud, when the ticket lady tapped me on the shoulder, I paused my music and she said "Can you please turn that down? You're disrupting the other passengers!" She said, pointing at 2 old ladies glaring at me. Begrudgingly I turned it down, but I felt like saying to her "THEY'RE disrupting MY music!!" But I didn't ):

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Tonight was such an amazing night :') I'm so fucking happy right now. <3

Yesterday my friend Jack asked me if I wanted to go to a party with him tonight, this evening I was running to catch the bus while holding hands with my boyfriend Jack. I'm so happy!

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Kinda sick of this place :/

I'm just going into college this September, but I'm already researching Universities as far away from where I live as possible. Why? Simple, I hate it here. All the people I thought were friends have just ended up ditching me, that guy I told you about, Ray, the one who lead me on for 5 months, said he loved me everyday, yeah, he's got a girlfriend. Fuck-sake. Mum's gone off to America, dad's getting in a mood every night, I can't talk to my friends cos half of them have disappeared, or are disappearing come September, and I can't talk to my family cos mum's over the other side of the world and dad won't talk about anything unless it's something he's interested in. So I'm gonna go to a university somewhere hundreds of miles away, where no one knows me, and I'm gonna start again.

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Well thanks dad, for just blowing up in my face. -.-"

My friend Aimee just phoned and asked if I wanted to come over to Damien's with her for a GCSE results meet up, here's how the conversation with dad went:

Me: "Hey dad, Aimee's on the phone, she's asking if I want to go to Damien's with her?"
Dad: "When?"
Me: *Asks Aimee* "Now, it's for a GCSE Results collection celebration thing! :D"
Dad: "Now! No you can't go now! Where on earth does this Damien person live anyway?!"
Me: "Same town as us, dad..."
Me: "Chill dad, I just found out too..."
Dad: "No. You can't go."
Me: "Why not? I can walk there!"
Dad: "I'm not bloody well picking you up, it'll ruin my evening."
Me: "You had nothing planned, I haven't ruined anything."
Dad: "Well if I have to pick you up, it means I can't have anything to drink tonight does it?! And no doubt you'll come home drunk!"

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GCSE Results! :D

I got my GCSE results today, this is what I got! XD

English - C & B - Yaaaay! I can get into Sixth Form! :D

Science - C & B - Yaaay! I can do biology in Sixth Form! :D

Maths - D & D - On the bright side, I can retake, but I can't do psychology :/

Child development - C & U - My teacher said I'd get straight U's, so I kinda proved that bitch wrong!

R.E - C - Yaaay!

I.C.T - C - Woo hoo!

Land Based Science - C & U - I hated my entire class, and that subjects never gonna get me anywhere anyway xD

Art - C - YAAAAAAY!!! (I Love art, it's my favourite subject!)

History - E - I've failed that so many times in the past, so I wasn't surprised!

Workskills (I think this is PSHE [Personal Safety and Health Education ~ Pffft!) - P - Does this mean Passed? Or Pathetic? xD

Science DATA Handling - C - This paper was super hard, so I'm pleased with a C! :D

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GCSE Results - Fuck. My. Life.

So tomorrow in the UK, GCSE results come out, they're like the massive exams everyone in year 10 and 11 have to take, and they go towards getting into college, and I know I've failed. Fuck I'm so scared!! I worked so hard, but what if it's not good enough?! I just went into the kitchen and said to dad "I'm really worried, what if I've failed everything?" And he said "You should have worked harder then." AHHHH, I'm so totally screwed :'( I bet I have failed everything!!! I'm kinda working on the basis of, I must have passed SOMETHING. But what I really need is Maths English and Science, I need a C in maths to do psychology, a B in science to do biology, and a C in English just to get into college!!

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White Doctor Martens - Yaaay!

It was my birthday recently, and I got a load of birthday money, so I've ordered some white Doctor Martens! :D Just like the ones Hayley Williams from Paramore has! :3 Hopefully they'll be here by the end of next week, I can't wait!! xD *Jumps spastically!*