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Valesitamcr's blog

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HI, you guys, have a great day

well... I don´t know why always that I visit this page, always I change of opinion of the world and that´s make´s me happy,.... but when I go to Facebook, always I depress, I don´t know exactly why, maybe because the Facebook show me that the people ( that I meet) it´s so superficcial and don´t have feelings, ... but the worse is that I don´t find anybody who understend me,... that´s sucks, I hate that the people be like that... so ... so... so yerk´s, they´re just like beast´s, well... I don´t have to be so dramatic,,, and last here, well.. I say it´s just like my place, my home, and nobody


well... this day it doesn't start so fine, and so you, maybe have a lot of problems, that is sure, but, for one day, this day, we can be just happy, just free, and free of the sad feelings, is sure that is dificult, but we can do this.
and this blog, my first blog, is for say GOODBAY to DANGER DAYS, that was a such a great album and to today they even bring me good things, especialy today; so I say to you, if you´re broken or just sad for whatever, just forget a moment, not for My Chemical Romance, not for me, for you, tomorrow you remember with a shot the bad things, but tomorrow, today just