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I´m tired... but I´m back

lo siento, por todos, por todo... no siento que ganarse un amigo hacerle promesas y luego irse sin mas haya sido una Buena decision... lo siento por todos a quienes haya herido, lo siento por lo que deje atras... y por lo que aun no me abandona... es cierto estoy algo triste, pero no se me quita la idea de que puedo cambiarlo... GRACIAS a todos quienes me escucharon... los amo.. <3

I´m sorry for everyone, for everything... I don't feel that win a friend, make promises and then go, just like that, was a good choice... i´m sorry for everyone that I have hurt, i´m sorry for the things that i´vve

true hurts ...

yup, so today my mom, (think that is stupid) goes to some kind of magician of this zone of this countries (south america) and alright, I was exceptic about it, I don´t really believe about nothing of that kind of magic, so she brought him to our house, them were doing ... I don´t even know what their were doing XD, but while I was reading a book of filosofy, thought was very deep ^^ so I was kind of happy, then (in lunch) she said that he was a kind of teacher of filosofy, and I decided ask ¿why?, ¿what he was thinking?

Hate Facebook

I just hate it, see why... and sorry, is in spanish, if you want to, translate it ^^


hey guys, this is a video of Red Hot Chili Peppers, is other of my favorite bands... well.. someone more likes this?... I like, is happy XD ^-^ so if someone more likes it, tell me <3
and anyone, of you guys have idea for how do an essay of My Chemical Romance?, the teacher asked an essay and I´ve choose MCR, so I don´t know exactly how do it, but the thing that I need now, is arguments about how was growning up MCR or how Gerard, Mickey, Ray, Frank or Bob have grown up or mature in all this times... so, if someone could helps me, please... leaves a comment, or a message... thanks guys ^_^

Conventional Weapons - Boy Division and Tomorrow´s Money

well... I have to do an essay, and I wanna do it of My Chemical Romance, specifically of Conventional Weapons... so, I think this is a great album and with the first two songs I can imagine (yeah, just imagine) what Gerard, Frank, Mickey, Raymond and Bob (maybe) could be thinking and feeling, and I think that I understand a little of what Frank was talking about in his blog, anyway, I just hear the two first songs, and as everybody, I have to wait for the next month, the songs are great, initially they make me cry (yes, I cry of several things) and was... well I´m not in the mind of MCR, but

I´m sick... of be sick XD

Well... alright, I have a bad day, nobody in my course talks to me, nobody wants to be with me, nobody support me XD, and maybe I´m hiding and running of my feelings... I´m thinking at maybe I could finish fucking bad in my bed tomorrow, crying maybe, just ´cause I´m weak... but, today... i don´t know exactly, I just kknow that I´m sick of be sick, I´m sick of hiding and run from the world, I´m sick of shut up to myself, I´m sick of don´t think that I´m just who I am, I´m sick of all that bullshit... the suicide, the stupid wailing (not feel offended, I´m just being impulsive) of the ones who

Some letters that I wrote when I don't bring up the materials for Art class X//

Oh!, now I´m really bored... I don´t have nothing to do except listen music, see the work of the others, sometimes listen the teacher and of course write... Is obviously that my teacher dosen´t know English, so is fine if she read this... well, I don´t know about what talk today, is just a blog, but in the page of My Chemical Romance, and everyone are cool and answer all the blogs, well I do that....yeah, well... I make some questions to you guys and gals, What you like more about My Chemical Romance, What is your favorite disk of My Chemical Romance?, How you go to school, I mean, what you

What you feel in all this time about My Chemical Romance

OMCR... I'm late, very late, I know... I just finished to see for first time the official video of My Chemical Romance, and... well, now I´m crying... I like his song ´cause give you guts, for see the world and say, well... I am here and I am who I am, so.. be yourself... and start now!... do it now! and do it loud!... this is your chance for be someone in the world, well that dosen´t really matter, but is your chance for be what you wanna be, what you always want being... if you wanna sell hotcakes, well do it now!

o.O I´m fucking Angry!!! X//

WTF., I´m really angry, I don´t know why, but nobody wants talk me, why????..... I don´t know, It´s something that I did, It´s something that I say, What´s happening!!!!!.... and when I say nobody, I referred to the Face, yes I got Facebook, but whats the deal with they, why they dont talk me, you know something,.... I don´t really care, I´ll hear music, and finish the day, that´s all, maybe write some blogs, and in twtter some twwets, yeah... but I still having curiosity, what´s happening, and the thing is that I can´t open my messenger yesterday, It´s weird... I don´t know, maybe some

HI, I Need Talk With Someone... Tomorrow, if anyone is there, here.

my mom is finally here, and it just spoke to me about bad company, well ... I'm sad .. I argued with her and with my grandma, who are trying to I get away from a "friend", I know that friend, is not really my friend, ... and I'm just starting to believe in her, so I´m disappointed ...well, the point is that I need a couple of songs, or maybe talk to someone, if anyone sees this message, I need company, and I know that on this site are everyone good and I can be confident, know that we are all a family here and I need that family now. XX////