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Blehh :(

I'm just laying down listening to My Chemical Romance at 12:36 in the night. Oh my gosh , I am freaking out! Is it normal to Cry Your eyes out for your most FAVORITE BAND ever because they separated ?/: I just remember listening to these sings 3 years ago and me being happy and all of these great memories and it just brings tears to my eyes. I am so hurt , And I may sound like a drama queen but I honestly Don't Give A Fuck. I just wish they would get back together :'[

Today (:

Today I listened to My Chemical Romance all dayy! And it reminded me of summer and of everything , before my life was so complicated & I was honestly the most happiest I was in a long time. Thank You My Chemical Romance for all the memories <3

Fml /:

I am freaking out , I can't believe they broke up. They were the only band I would and will only go back to no matter how much time passes. They helped me find the true me , and now they're gone. I am soo sad right now.i honestly don't know how to take it in , and the fact is that I can't do anything about it . I just had to get that off of my chest. My Chemical Romance Fan , Forever. Goodbye. I love you MCR.


Does anyone know how much the Tickets cost?(:

Gerard Way

I Hope I Get To See Gerard Way!


I Love You Gerard Way! I Might Get To See You In Albequerque (Idk how to spell it).! ICant Wait!! :D :D :D :D

My Chemical Romance Nails :)

I Love You MCR!(: