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It is a very nice day today

As I said, it is a very nice day today. It is also somebody's birthday. I am not much for fanaticism, but I must give out the very best of birthday wishes. I'm afraid any attempt to outshine the brilliant fan girls will end in utmost disaster. I am going to keep this simple, sharp, and fabulous. Happy Birthday to you, Gerard. Happiness is something we all deserve; go out and manifest it!

A poem

I felt like posting a poem I wrote, just because the whim strikes me.

The paean of the bells brings pain to my ears.
Only Poe would understand my realized fears:
For then, my heart quickens as the beat of a drum
When I realize that mourning never comes.

The lilt of life is, by the bells, accost.
A death, in lieu of life, was the cost,
And the transaction had with it a final sum:
The dawning on me that mourning never comes.

Life, unknown and unseen, flickers out
No matter how much the populace cries and shouts.
Immaterial it is to the powers that make men numb;
They who proclaim that mourning