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Don't read this

I told you don't read this, but you already
Began to read it, maybe because of curiosity
And you want to know what thing that I do not want you to read
After you read almost half of this
you didn't find it something good for you, you still read
Why started reading from the beginning and you already can't find it something good for you
We have told you from the beginning not read it but you didn't hear my advice
And you still reading this article and after we got to the end
I knew that this article does not contain anything good for you, but you read it and you know that it does not contain

Gee want to say something here !

To all the Bitches who thinks that MCR is emo or MCR sucks
Gee is telling u :

It's weard but i need some frensh !

who speak frensh here ??
need to speak some frensh ( i haven't speak frensh a time ago )

Need help here !
can u like this page ( i need some real fans )