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i decided to start writing :)

Okay , I just want your opinion even if it could be cruel.
Kuro: a girl who’s 16 years old, was characterized by her short brown hair and her beautiful eyes as the color of her hair, by her Stubborn, funny and weird personality of her own . No one could understand her especially her mother who though that her precious daughter will never get married, but her father who was fine with it was always having a fight with her mother because of Kuro.
One day, as usually she was walking the street which

My Felling =(

My feeling ?  Actually i don't know , some times i feel horrible , and other times i feel like i should die to release the world of my sadness . But i just can't , when i get to the point when i should jump from the roof , i stop a little bit and ask myself , the people that i'm going to let behind me, what’s there fault ? And if i died , nothing gonna change , i'll just go to hell .
i’m trying to figure it out , but it’s not easy , cause i've been threw a lot of bad things .
Sometimes , even MCR can't save me from my self .
I’m sorry if i depress you but i have to tell some one how i

i'm , i dont know how to say it !

My best fraind is deing

shit !!

i think i'm in love =/ =(


i'm tired of others touring around me ! a tourist city just to entertain them ! I would like to put a big sign on my head
Written : don't come near to me (brokEN person)

<3 !!

one day , my boyfriend told me that he can sleep cause he was thinking of me , but i called him one night and he didn't anwser me cause he was deeply sleeping -_-'


i'm Fasting today .

a question

I'm confused so i decided to ask you .
my friend asked me a question . he was with two girls at the time (i know he's a asshole) , but after all he decided to keep just one of them , he wanted to know if he keep the one who love's him or the one who he loves her . he still want a answer . so please help me .

A story :)

A man annoyed by his girlfriend , cause she want him to give her the ring (marriage) but he give her a liltle bear , and she Got angry and threw the bear in the middle of the road . When her boyfriend came to pick it up from the road , a car Hit him , and he died .
the girl was shocked, and she was holding The Bear strongly and cry so badly .
Suddenly , the machine inside the bear spoke "marry me ... the ring is in my pocket"
She saidand tears flowing from her eyes, "Yes I Do" ,
Suddenly , he raised the coffin. and told her "Haaaaaaaa darling What about the hidden camera".
She died of shock