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People are terrib;e

Why are people so petty and angry and selfish?It's the first day of the year and already every state in America has its first homicide.This world really tries to choke out those who hope for something better.

A video

Just a song from the band mentioned.

has anyone heard of...

This Dutch band called within temptation.Honestly I'm probley the only person who just found out about them so anyways if you haven't check them out they're awsome.

I wished I had a friend.

I've never done one of these before so I guess I'll just type.I'm lonely I need a friend who knows what kind of pain I have to deal with.Normaly I wouldn't do this ,but latly things have been really bad my phsychiatrist says I need to try and get to know some people.Furthermore I just figured out how to split myself from my family and make them happy but involves me acting away my life in front of them, while remaining myself behind their backs.the problem is I'm depressed and not even the character I've created is good enough for my family and I don't want to kill myself before I see what