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aaahh :O

dont laugh... i cant open a candy paper thing :( HAHA, its impossible i swear :O ive tried for like 2 minutes now :O im getting a scissor! oh now it worked... oh well, looks like i dont need a scissor then :) am i the only one in this world who likes coffiecandy stuff? :O i love them<3
when i cough it echo...something...stuff...thing...whatever in my guitar, and its on the other side of the room ? :S dont ask why i just said that, im getting a bit tired i think :P 1.24 am in sweden :P

stolen :P

Favorite MCR album and why: I guess I'm most familiar to Welcome To The Black Parade for now.

Favorite MCR member and why: Don't make me choose :O All of them are awsome!

Favorite song: Right now, 'Helena' or 'Heaven Help Us'

Favorite MCR music video and why: 'The Ghost Of You' or 'Helena' because they're like sad in an awsome way, that didn't sound good, hard to explain.

Favorite single: Welcome To The Black Parade

Favorite live album: The Black Parade Is Dead! I love LOTMS too though

Favorite lyrics: Right now "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone"

im better :DD

I can talk! :D Awsome, that means i can sing in a few days which means i can buy that singstar with 'Helena' on it :D I have no idea why im so happy about it but... whatever ? :D

:P ?

Day 1 Favorite album

Uhh, ive heard TBP way more than the 2 other cds so i guess im gonna pick that

Btw, i hate that captcha shit.

random thing :)

Have You Ever...

[x]Played Spin the Bottle?
[ ]Toilet Paper someone's house
[ ]Played Poker with money
[ ]Gone swimming in a white T-shirt
[x]been tickled so hard you couldn't talk
[ ]like someone but never told them
[x]went camping
[ ]had a crush on your broher's friend
[x]walk in the rain without an umbrella
[x]told a joke that Nobody thought was funny
[ ]been in a talent show
[x]started laughing at someone's bedtime
[x]worn somthing your mom didn't appove of
[ ]been to a nude beach
[ ]drank jack daniels
[x]cursed in a church
[ ]been called a slut for kissing someone
[x]burnt yourslef with

nobodys at home :O

I'm like the only one at home right now, a lot of my friends are at camp, some are somewhere else, and here's me with like no one to hang out with ? Well i could go 10 km but i dont feel like it. Haha.

some random test again :)

Who's bed were you last on besides your own?
one of my friends

Can you call your ex without it being awkward?
were not really friends haha

Last night, you felt?
annoyed, couldnt talk haha

Who was the last person you texted?
an old friend :P

Did you hold hands with someone of the opposite sex today?
no, been home alone all day

More attractive: kisses out of nowhere, or when you know?
out of nowhere

When is the next time you will hang out with someone on your top friends?
tomorrow maybe ?

Do you currently have feelings for anybody?
not really

Is there someone you'd like to hang out with and

Good morniiing :D

Well, its not morning anymore its about 12 pm. My throat still hates me, i cant talk at all today, im actually worse today *sighs* Oh well, that means a lot of ice cream, i better get started! Haha. And if i dont get better untill Friday i might die, cuz i will miss Metaltown then D: (a rock festival in sweden) If you know any better treatments tell me! Thanks.


Well, as you may see i suck at blogging, is it called that? Or is it just 1 g? Haha, we dont learn this at school :O We only learn strange words we'll never need anyways like 'hanky panky' ? HAHA.
I have no idea about what to write, i reallyreallyreally wanna know when mcr's new cd will be released, aahh!
Oh well, godnight, its almost midnight here in sweden and i want to be able to talk tomorrow, my throat is sore haha.

FOERadio took my request :D

Heaven help us :D im happy now :O I didnt think it would go that fast :O :D:D<3