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2 years

Two whole years since my last post.. Its crazy how long its been..
So good to be back here, ive really missed it..


I just saw the tourdates for Europe and now I'm all sad cuz i can't go ._. i live like 250 miles from Stockholm and... whatever ._.'
Not that anyone would care if i could go or not but still

help me out with my phone?

im awfully sorry bout the quallity on the pics... but if you were me... which one would you buy? feel free to send another pic or something to have on my phone or whatever... pleeeeaaase tell me what you think... otherwise i'll die... and killjoys never die... so it's a bad thing if i die, right?

i am desperate

I am desperate, I need

1. A Killjoy name
2. Facebook friends
4. An extra brain

Pwease gimmie?



can someone please come up with a killjoy name for me? i cant think of anything :S :[

facebook, killjoys?

Hello my loved ones. Recently my facebook got deleted so i made a new one, the thing is.. i dont have any friends there anymore :[ Would you like to help me with that problem? You would be my hero! <3
So im really really really exited about the new MCR album, i KNOW its gonna be great! Great musicans make great music, right?
Add me pretty please?!/profile.php?id=100001708742395


Well... Hi there!
Is anyone in this awsome website good in photoshop? If so.. Could you edit a pic... as soon as i find it? sometime next week or so? Write a comment or mail me or whatever
The pic i uploaded is to show how bad i am xD


I've totally missed that so when is it?? How r u gonna celebrate?

fanfic... thing

So... yesterday i wanted to read some MCR fanfictions. I realized thats really not my thing, Waycest grossed me out (do you say it that way) and i didnt even read half first chapter so yeah im staying away from that...
I honestly have no idea why i wrote that but who cares? :D

random thing you dont care about

So... I'm bored so give me ur twitter! :D or follow me @tyckerommcr
I know i was supposed to write something, i just cant remember what ._.
Does anyone know any good Frerard/Waycest fanfictions? tell me!!
Uhh... Whats up?
Yeah... i cant remember why i made this blog so whatever :D