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Harry Potter... I'm such a mess

This is such a heartfelt song. I cry every time I hear it. Harry Potter is my life and I just can't believe it's over.

Quizzy-thing AWW YEAHH

1) Height? 170 cm (about 5"6?)
2) Virgin? Yes...
3) Shoe size? 8 1/2 (america/canada)
4) Sexual orientation? heterosexual
5) Do you smoke? NO
6) Do you drink? NO
7) Do you take drugs? NO
8) Age you get mistaken for? 15-16
9) Have tattoos? NO
10) Want tattoos? NO
11) Have piercings? yes, standard ear piercings
12) Want piercings? Not really
13) Best friend? Sarah MacKinnon
14) Biggest turn ons? Guys with long-ish hair, sense in music and humor
16) Biggest turn offs? Idiots (Phillipe Turcanu)
17) Favorite movie? HARRY POTTER
18) I will love you if... you love Harry Potter, MCR, Guns n Roses,

"Friends" and Music

My stupid friends are retards. I brought my flute to school today, wanting to practice at recess. When I went to get it at the end of the day, it was gone. I checked every possible place it could have been in, but I couldn't find it. Naturally, I started freaking out. My friends are all like: "What's wrong?" and shit, like they really care. They don't, and they know I hate it when people ask me what's wrong( I like to be left alone to solve my problems). I tell them what happened, and this one friend in particular, asks me if I'm always this irresponsible with my instrument.

What to draw???

I really want to draw something else, but I have absolutely no idea what! I've tried to search up things, but they were all so retarded! I just can't get inspired now. :( Any ideas guys??? I will post pictures when I'm done! <3 Love you all!!


Need I say more? I'm so exited now, I nearly pissed myself as I read Frank's post, suppressing laughter and tears. I have something to look forward to! A new joy in life!!!!!! Very psyched!

My mom hates me

My mom doesn't understand me! She thinks she does, but she doesn't! She's not happy with anything, and everything I do, she has to find something wrong with it. One day(or hour) she's be all, "I love you"... and so on, but the next moment she just snaps at me like I'm just a lazy toad or something. She doesn't yell at my brother, AT ALL. For example, I take a few minutes to get downstairs to do the dishes, my mom starts yelling at me how long I took. My brother can take as long as he wants, and he doesn't get yelled at. I love my mom so much and I miss her even when she's not at work.

Era 5

Well killjoys, the world has been restored. A new time will come and it will be something awesome and new. Something fresh. Keep in mind, we are still the same angels, soldiers, the broken, the beaten, the damned. The Killjoys. But we'll still be the same fans. We took a pledge to love MCR 'till the end and beyond. Three cheers to the new era of bullets, parades and danger. Keep Running!

Friday the 13th?

It's Friday the 13th, my most favorite day of the year... So, I'm walking to my bus stop, I'm looking at my shoes, examining a grass stain. Out of nowhere this stop sign just pops up and hits me in the face. -.- Then, at school, I get hit with the soccer ball endless times and I have a bruise on my nose and the back of my head and a floor burn on my knee. Again, -.-... Still don't believe in bad luck.

Fanfic anyone?

I haven't really posted any blogs, because, 1, I don't know what to rant or write about and 2, I spend my free hours critiquing myself... But I'm thinking of writing a fanfic... If anyone wants to be in it, please tell(along with your killjoy name obviously or a nickname for close conversations).
It's not going to be a love story or anything... -.- So anyway... TO THE FANFIC! Awww, yeeeaaahh...