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Killjoy comic!!!!

Apparently the Killjoy comic's first issue is going to be out in JUNE. I am fan-girling all over. I'm hyperventilating. I love to read, but when some of my favorite people create a book, this shit got serious.

Drawing... Ahhh, the pain in my hand...

*I hope the pic will show up, because most of the time I try to post pictures with a blog, they don't show up... -.-*

I was really bored yesterday, so I decided to draw Gerard. I haven't drawn reality-whatever-this-type-is in a pretty long time, so this was a sort of challenge. It doesn't really look like him, but I like it anyway, and I just thought I'd post it on here(if it'll show up...)

Drawing... Ahhh, the pain in my hand...

*I hope the picture shows up, because my pics that I upload never do... -_-*
le drawing of Gerard... It doesn't look much like him, but I have to say, I'm pleased with it anyway. Lots of work, and hand cramps... Guess I need more magnesium...

This is the song of our people

I've been listening to a lot of The World is Ugly, and it's really gotten me thinking: Not just the Vampires Will Never Hurt You reference("..ghosts in the snow" is at the end of Vampires, and The World is Ugly uses it as a kind of "metaphor" to show how much they've grown up, how they're like ghosts in the sun), but also, how the robotic voice at the end is like an anthem or a pledge of allegiance.

"A day like this,
Will never be the same,
Never, forever,
Like ghosts in the snow,
Like ghosts in the sun."

It has really struck my mind, especially with this song, that they've really entered


Everyone, tell LoneStar not to kill herself/hurt herself! She recently posted a blog titled: "I'm done." The contents have been removed by the site, but the title tells all. Please help! No one should feel that way! Even I, a complete stranger to her is writing this, asking others to help another person, because, we are more or less, all friends here, in love with one thing: My Chemical Romance, the bond that unites us all. Please help her! She needs some love.

Sorry, Mom

You might not read through my whole self-pity post, but if you do... well, yeah...
I got in a fight with my mom, over cleaning. All of our fights are about cleaning... after the few times my mom bossed me around to clean different things, while she sat there, like a lump in front of the couch, you could tell I was a little ticked off. She called me over to her, and I winced in advance. I thought she would hit me. Anyway, she told me about the way I was acting. She said I was bullying the family when I sighed in anguish or looked like I was about to murder someone.

He's not dead he only looks that way

Done my narrative for English class! I based it on one of my fan fictions, and I paln to write it like a normal fan fic soon, with chapters and stuff. lol Tell me what you think! ;)

He's not Dead, he only Looks that Way

Product of a White Dream(being part I of II in He's not Dead, he only Looks that Way)

Gerard's P.O.V.
I was sitting in front of the faint fire, in the post-apocalyptic state of California, surrounded by my fellow sleeping Killjoys: Mikey, my brother, snoring soundly, Frank, the tattoo-ridden rebel and Ray, the mastermind with the bushy mane.

Found This (attempt 3)

*Hoping the photo shows up this time*

I drew this a while back(i was inspired by a picture on
I drew another today: a portrait of Party Poison. I'll post it later, because I'm lazy now.

Rough Copy

I've finished my rough copy of the narritve, so it's coming along pretty well, but it's too long for the teacher. >:(
Bitch just has to deal with it.

Found This

I drew this a while back, and I drew a Party Poison headshot just now. Both were colored with watercolor pencils, and I was inspired by photos on
Let me know what you think. ;)