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Desert song

"Spend the rest of your days, rockin on" - Desert song, MCR
...i honestly hope im not 'rockin on' for long.

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just another average day...

just another happy day in the brilliant life of me!
spent an entire day at school being called an 'emo' and someone told me to go 'cut myself'...
what does emo even mean?! i hate that word, it's like they dont think i'm even a person, im just a thing thats been given a label...

But, i just ignore them, i dont really care, i just like being individual :P i dont wanna come into school wearing 'chinos' like every other person, i dont wanna listen to rap or music that doesn't make sense, and so i get singled out all the time just cus im different. And a person can only take so much before they snap, and i've finally given up.

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Demolition Lovers live

I really wish MCR would play more songs from bullets, this is probably one of my favourite songs ever and they dont play it anymore.... i know they play vampires and sorrows (which are awesome) but i really wish the old MCR would come back. It's a long shot, i know, but wouldn't you like it too ?

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oh no....

Sitting on sofa.
Turn on TV.
Justin Biebers on tv.
Controller has turned invisible.
I stand up to find the controller, get a cramp in leg.
Fall on the floor not knowing which is more painful, a cramp, or a faggot singing.
Cramp recovers.
Find controller.
no batteries.

^some of the worst 5 mins of my life^

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anyone else get that 'feeling'...?

does anyone else just get the feeling of just wanting to give up ?
For ages I've been fighting depression, trying to stay myself. but a few days ago i just kinda gave up, and since then it just feels like the life has been completely sucked out of me. I just never feel like myself, then when i think about what a massive depressing person i've become, it just makes me even more angry at myself and it just happens again but gets worse every time.
Sorry for all this sh*t, but i just need a place to vent without being laughed at or humiliated.

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erghhh. so tired

argh, im sick of being constantly tired. my average day goes:
- 6:00 wake up
-7:40 go to school
-3:00 school ends
-3:00 until 4:30 stay at school to do extra work
- 5:00 get home
- 5:00 until 6:00 do revision or schl work
- 6:00 until 6:15 eat
- 6:15 until 7:00 more revision
- 7:00 till bed. do fuck all.

and apparently THIS is not enough work. -.- when will it finally end?