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I just feel like I've to do the shame game

[x] Smoked.
[x] Drank alcohol
[x ] Cried when someone died.
[x] Been drunk
[ ] Had sex. still consider myself a vergin.
[x]. Been to a concert.[ x] Gotten/given a handjob.
[x]. Gotten/given a blowjob.
[ ]Been harassed.
[ ] Harassed somebody.
[ ] Felt someone up and/or been felt up.
[x] Laughed so hard something came out of your nose.
[ ] Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfrend before.
[x ] Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] Been to prom.
[x] Cried at school.
[ ] Gotten lost in a department store.
[ ] Went streaking.
[ ]. Given or receieved a lap dance.
[x]. Had someone of the opposite sex in your room.
[ ] Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over.
[x ] Slept over at someone of the opposite sexs house.
[ x] Kissed a stranger.
[x] Hugged a stranger.
[ ]. Went scuba diving.
[ ]. Driven a car.
[x]. Gotten an x-ray.
[ ] . Hit by a car.
[x ] Had a party.
[x] Done drugs.
[ ]. Played strip poker/darts.