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This song just makes me so happy!

I'm not in love right now but this song just makes me think, the one person I'm destined to be with is on this planet right now, and hopefully, one day, I'll find them. And for all of you too. If you haven't found 'the one' yet, they're out there somewhere. :) I know this is really lame, but I'm a really lame person, I guess! x

Labels are dumb.

So a while back I used to really care about what people thought of me, or more, what they thought of me before they knew me, if that makes any sense. People label me goth or emo because I wear black, eyeline and listen to 'alternative music'.
But honestly now I just couldn't give a shit.
If you think I'm goth, fine! If you think I'm emo, fine! Whatever you think of me, it doesn't matter, because what you think of me doesn't make me what I am. Just because you TELL me who I am DOES NOT mean that I am that.
I actually honestly don't understand why people are so obsessed with giving things


[X] Had beer (it was weird)
[ ] Smoked an entire cigarette
[ ] Done drugs.
[X] Written on a bathroom wall.
[ ] Read a George Orwell book.
[ ] Had a physical fight.
[ ] Used Twitter.
[X] Listened to Lady Gaga
[X] Been in a car accident.
[ ] Gotten suspended.
[ ] Gotten expelled.
[X] Been allergic to something. (strawberries)
[ ] Got a computer virus.
[ ] Touched a real gun.
[X] Had a dog.
[X] Had a cat.
[ ]Been pregnant.
[X] Swam in the ocean.
[ ]Wore a bikini
[ ] Driven a car
[X] Been sent to the principal.
[X] Ever liked


Whether you are a boy or a girl,
Whether you are a father or a mother, a sister or a brother,
Whether you are my friend or my enemy,
Whoever you are,
I am still gonna call you dude.


Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[] You’ve been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[] Born a leader
[x] You love drawing

[x] You love singing (but im crap lol)

[x] You don’t take crap from anyone
[x] You’re afraid of needles
[x] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first (I call them both, for example I'd call someone 'Jane Smith' rather than 'Jane' or 'Smith, so kinda)
[x] You have siblings and love them
[] You have brown/green eyes

Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[] You play bass
[x] You don’t have asthma
[] You are near-sighted
[] You wear glasses
[] You’ve had the

When things don't work out...

I've wanted to be an artist for a while now. I know I'm only 13, and I've got a while to get better, but I just feel like it's never gonna happen and I'll always suck. I'm never able to make up original ideas, and I just feel like I'm gonna grow up and be a failure.
The pic is possibly the best work I've done, and it isn't even that good.
I've decided I'm going to give up art, at least for a while. So yea....that's all I have to say really.

An update on my weird / PLEASE HELP ME

In my science class I sit next to a guy, lets call him 'Jack', who is kinda mean to me. I'm in a class seating plan so I HAVE to sit next to him.
So here's what's going on
He does things like kick me under the desk and poke me in my collar bone. I know this isn't too bad (well the kicking hurts, but yea), but he can be really nasty.
I know I'm not skinny, I'm around a size 8-12 in clothes size and I'm not exactly flat chested girl, but I also know that I'm not fat either, but I can't help but feel bad when 'Jack' pokes me in my side and makes nasty comments about me.
I told my friend Beanie

I've started to write another song :)

Verse 1:
You pulled me out of the wreckage
And I'm still fighting to stay alive
Could you save my hologram?
Without you the world is blind

And through it all we'll die again
And one day we'll meet and dance again
So damn me and fill up this grave now
How can I live if you won't show me how?

Verse 2:
Knocking down paper airoplanes
Smoke filled the sky and swelled up my mind
Tiger tattoos and spider heart
I'm falling down, is God hard to find?

And through it all we'll die again
And one day we'll meet and dance again
So damn me and fill up this grave now
How can I live if you

I saw The Woman in Black at the theater.

The most terrifying experience of my life. It was so fricken scary!!! I really recommend you see it, it was amazing.
There was a pretty basic set and there were only 3 actors, but oh my gosh was it amazing. As of the lack of props, there was quite a lot of physical theater, which in my opinion is awesome because it made you focus on the actors and sounds.
And by god were there amazing sound effects. The sound of the rocking chair, the creepy toy noises and the blood curdling screams were just. So. Good.
Please, just go see it.


That is all.