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I have fat.
I'm not skinny, neither am I huge.
I refuse to call it my chub, my fluff, my pudge or anything else, because it's fat.
Y'know what? I love my fat, I embrace my fat, and if you're gonna call me fat, so what?! I'd much rather be called fat than bitchy or ignorent or boring! Wouldn't you?
I have a little bit of extra weight on me, but as long as you're healthy, it shouldn't matter.
If you're a beautiful person, it will shine through.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST GIVE THIS BAND A LISTEN. They're called FUSS. They're quite new, unsigned and pretty fukkin epic. They sound quite a lot like early Green Day. They're really under appreciated, they only have 20 subscribers, but they deserve so much more.
To clarify I don't know these guys personally, and I'm not doing them a favour or anything. I just REALLY like them.

Finally complete!

Phew! It took a while but I've finally finished it! Constructive criticism please!

Party Poison

Party Poisonnnnnn...............
Thoughts? Opinions? Constuctive Criticism? Plz?

How was your day?

How was your day today?

I am in love with Tim Minchin.

Geeeeeenius. Tim Minchin is genius.

Atramentum completum!

Just finished the ink part of my MCR eras drawing, but still LOADS more to do....

MCR eras

Soooo I was doodling in french class and I thought, hey could I do a drawin that had all the MCR eras in it? Yup. so I just started doing it properly, and I kinda like it! Thoughts plzzzz!!! ILUVOPINIONZGUIZZZZOMG!!! So constructive criticism please! How could I improve this work in progress?

I understand

My dad came in the room and saw me watching this. I watched the whole thing. Twice.
I can understand why my parents worry about me sometimes....

If you had a time machine.......

If you had a time machine and could go to 3 different places anywhere in time, where would you go?
I would go....
1)1974 PUNK!!!!
2)2002 so I could be old enough to properly appreciate MCR when they first started (I was 4 in 2002 sooo...)
So I know I didn't travel that far, but those are the places I'd wanna go!
How 'bout you???